Bonjour, Ja’mapelle Ross Mackinnon. Comment Ca va? Ahh Ca va bien, merci. I was going to write this blog in French to impress everyone, but it just took me 10 minutes to google that first  sentence, so I’m just going to stick to English. So our second rest day in 3 days was in the lovely community of Lethbridge. The Mackinnon boys were lucky enough to be put up in the Lethbridge Lodge hotel for both our nights and I don’t think we have ever been so happy in our lives!

For once, I finally got a day to do what I do best, and that is sleep in. We woke up relatively later then norm, as Ryan’s snoring and odd groans in the middle of the night were unusually quiet, which had all of us (even Mr insomnia himself Scotty Mack) sleeping like angels. The sun was shining as we awoke and I got my first chance to see the Coulees, which I have fallen in love with for their odd geological formation.  I think the Coulees appealed to me because we had so many similarities. For instance, we are both uniquely different, often misunderstood, have voluptuous sexy curves but most importantly stunningly beautiful!

Right outside our Hotel, you can see this fascinating landform with the University being placed right smack in the middle of this foot hilly, ravine like canal (I don’t know how to explain it any better then that). I definitely think it is one of the coolest Universities I have ever been to, but to be honest I haven’t seen much other then the college formerly known as Malaspina in Nanaimo, which is built on a massive hill. And after cycling through BC I hate hills.

Prior to our tour of the University, we were lucky enough to be taken out for lunch to a local restaurant with one of Scotty’s old friends Travis Grindle, who was a complete gem, and again we can’t thank him enough for his generosity and support!

The tour of the University with Eoin Colquhoun was super cool, except for the part of hearing Scotty replay old stories from his U of L days. I swear that as time has went on, the stories have become heightened so much that they could be considered Urban Legends. Throughout the first ten days of the trip Scotty had been running his mouth about how he was once known as the “Comox Killa, Lethbridge Thrilla” and other lame nicknames similar to those that Babe Ruth had amassed over his career. But to be honest I was in shock with how many people supported Scotty and us through our stay in Lethbridge. I began to think that maybe Scotty wasn’t lying at all! Scotty’s University basketball coach Dave Adams even came by and surprised Scott with a Lethbridge Pronghorn’s warmup top, which Scotty didn’t take off for the whole day, not even when he slept. He is still wearing it in Saskatchewan. All I have heard from Scotty for three days now is about Da Horns Nation.

We were lucky enough to take in some of the Parkinson’s research that is being done at the University as well. It was really cool to actually see what kind of stuff is being researched, but what it really made me realize is how important funding is for future work to be done. A specific study Natalie has been looking at was whether a music-accompanied walking program could have an effect on motor symptom severity among people with Parkinson’s (sorry Natalie if I said this incorrectly). It was found that a music-accompanied walking program may improve mobility and reduce the possibility of falling. Very cool stuff. We can’t thank Jon and Natalie enough for allowing us to view some of the studies and tour their Facility!

To top off the day we were asked over to Scott’s old friends place Kelly Jo. She fed us a five-course meal and put Ry Mack’s PB and banana sandwiches to shame!  The day couldn’t have gone any smoother, as I was happy because I did my two favorite things eating and sleeping, Ry did his favourite thing which is not biking, Neville got to watch his playoff basketball and Scotty got to visit countless old friends. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time I am in Lethbridge!  Bon voyage,


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