To be brutally honest, I gave the prairies absolutely zero respect when it came to beauty.  After been biking for around two days now in what I used to call the “Infinite Wasteland”. I now know why I have heard rumors of beauty.  We started our day by strolling through Lethbridge, where I assumed Scotty may get a parade or might even have to kiss a few babies on his departure.  However, once we reached the outskirts of town we reached the “true” prairie.  It seemed like we were biking on one of those airport escalators.  Remove the “Gucci” stores to the left and right and the gates in your immediate foreground.  Insert an everlasting horizon and a flat grassy table board to each side of the escalator.  This place is flat!

            What truly picked us up in our prairie days was having Richie Steed join us for the Alberta legs.  The guy has some decent knowledge about farming and cattle, which is probably as foreign of a topic to us, as a diet is to Rusty.  Sorry Russ.   Today, we did have our first swim in a prairie Irrigation canal.  We all striped down to our spandex. (Which literally outline every imperfect curvature of a MacKinnon frame).  Russ fully geared up in his wrestling unitard had literally every Cowgirl honking as they drove past.  Scotty unraveled the upper part of his spandex body cast and almost dismantled from the top.  Sean, the smart one of us all gladly filmed as Scotty, Richie, Russ and I scrambled at the top of the bridge over the canal.  Eventually, the four of us jumped into fairly freezing water.

            As we are nearing the quarter mark of our trip, different alliances and backstabbing is occurring in regards to the yellow jacket.  Mainly, due to Scotty’s need to literally cause a seventy-car pile up, an earthquake that splits the road (with him on the side nearest to the “Welcome To” sign) to pull off a victory, and even that isn’t enough.  I am truly becoming the front-runner for ever jersey and the boys are realizing this.  They are working as a unit, texting, GPSing and Morse coding to literally try and slow me down.  Every time I look behind me they are delegating tasks for the next mission, which is to by any means stop me from crossing the finish line first.  It literally feels like a season of Survivor.   I will need to continue to watch my back.

            As we have continued to lose our minds in the prairies we have gotten back to making another question (If you remember the first from the Rockies): Who would you rather Marry, Date or Dump out of a Horizon, Tail Wind or Farm.

Marry: Tail Wind:  Always supportive, reliable and has your back.  No matter what it always pushes you in the right direction.  All in all it would make a great wife, always moving forward no matter what is in your way!

Date: Farm: No matter what the Farm can support you, even if it goes away for half the year, there is always a harvest!  Russ especially likes the farm because it can feed you.  He desperately wanted to MARRY a farm. 

Dump: Horizon: It always gives you false hope.  Always in the distance, never willing to get emotionally close or attached as it just always is out of reach.  A true “Gypsy” as you literally feel hypnotized when you look at it.  The horizon would put in a good fight if we dumped because it truly is beautiful and always leaves you wondering.

            Again, as we reached Medicine Hat, we had some amazing hosts!  Richy and Janice Humphries were way too nice to us Comox boys.  Feeding us, hydrating us and most importantly making us feel at home.  You guys are legends!  Big thank you to the two Medicine Hat and Coaldale beauties Harold and Frenchie who had us laughing the entire night. 

Ry Mack out!

6/4/2012 05:48:19 am

Ever thought about doing a realty T.V. series?

9/23/2012 01:47:59 pm

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