Ryan here, Today was by far our longest day on our bikes.  We started early at around 7:30 AM as we decided to push for the beautiful town of Mortlach around 180 km ahead of us.   However, before I get to our day I should talk about the yellow jersey I won the night before.   The past few days have literally been way more fatiguing for me than usual.  The guys have literally been scheming non-stop for the chance to grasp that yellow jersey.  For those who don’t know Scotty well, he is by far the best person I know at scheming plans for his benefit.  For the whole trip he has consistently been manipulating each of us to try and make his trip easier.  Last night, was a completely different story as I put him in his place!  With around five kilometers left before we got to Gull lake the student became the teacher.  The entire day I was breathing down Scotty’s neck, whispering and convincing him that I would get him the yellow jersey.  With around three km’s to go, I planned a fake flat tire where I would get everyone to pull over and Scotty would zoom past us his mach speed.  Ross and I pulled over to inspect my tire and it worked out perfectly.  Scotty smirking ridiculously had his body moving faster than ever.  His arms were pumping in seamless synchronization with his chicken legs.  As Ross jumped onto his bike to pursue him I had to literally throw water in my face to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  I have never seen someone exerting so much energy, for once Scotty’s face was without wrinkles, as he looked like his head was going to explode.   Russ eventually pursued and caught Scotty, where Scotty continuously threatened to drive him into the ditch or ride him off of the road.  In about 20 seconds and 3 strides on my bike I caught them and soared past for the yellow jersey.  The best part about it all was seeing Scotty’s face when I pedaled past him.  His heart deflated and literally screamed at the top of his lungs.  The young buck played with his heart strings, it was wonderful!

Our plan was initially to stop in Mortlach for the day.  The entire day Scott had been telling us about this festival town in the prairie.  Known for its music fests, crafts and arts and how it would be jam packed with people.  He was even worried about spots to camp.  When we arrived, I have never seen Ross so shocked.  The town had tumbleweeds rolling past us, buildings with boards nailed to the windows and no one in sight.  With absolutely no food packed we needed to do something.  Luckily some nice locals who had just moved from Calgary let us fill up our water bottles at their house. Captain Scotty decided to push 40 km to Moose Jaw, to make our final total around 235km for the day.  We were bagged.

            Around 3 km out of Moose Jaw, Scott had been struggling.  He was sweating profusely, nauseous, grimacing in pain and far behind us for the final push.  I slowed down to see if he was alright when he looked at me with a panicked look in his eyes and yelped, “STOPPPPPP” .  Scotty scrambled around 50 meters waddling like a duck into the farm field.  Finding a tree in the distance.  I am sorry for going into such great detail, but Ross and I were crying we were laughing so hard.  Scott proceeded to be in the wide open farm field parallel to the Trans-Canada highway squatting going to the washroom.  As this was happening, the look on his face as he tried to position himself behind a tree was priceless.  His knees were buckling in pain as Ross and I were fist pumping, high fiving and crying in laughter.  As this was happening the father of the nice folk in Mortlach pulled up to talk with me and see if we were alright. Watching Scotty try and scramble his squatting position into the bushes was just what we needed to raise our spirits.  A great way to end the day.  Overall, we biked from 7:30 AM to 9:45 PM at night.  The longest day of the trip and by far the best call as we can stroll early into Regina tomorrow!  Cousin Jess, here we come!!! Cannot wait.  

6/6/2012 11:44:49 am

Is this your impersonation of Footloose (old school with Kevin Bacon) mixed with Titanic?

8/20/2012 04:01:22 pm

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