Sean Neville here. Today was our third rest day! After Jess Lynch(our all-Canadian Bball player cousin) showed us a night out at O’Hanlon’s pub in Regina, full of karaoke, laughter and dancing.  Scotty woke up to my size 12 bare foot up against his face as I stepped my way to the bathroom at around 5am. Confused Scotty made some funny noises behind me which I could not make out but didn’t sound to happy as I was giggling the whole way out of the room. I snuck my way back onto the couch as he had fallen back asleep.

We slept till around nine which was a change from our early mornings. We then proceeded to hit Timmy’s with jess for a nice relaxed meal. Are meals in the morning normally consist of Rusty asking who has the bathroom kit, Scotty rubbing out a few crows feet and Ryan breathing his dragon breath on all of us as he lost his tooth brush two days ago, refuses to buy another one and its effecting us all.  We rush to stretch, eat, pack and get on the road. So a sit down breaky was as unique as a mountain in the prairies.  Was great to spend time with my cousin jess who was by far the best tour guide and city diver, she reminded me of Mario Andretti or even a wannabe Grandma Mary.

Being at Jessies house was unreal, Charlie ”her roommate/owner” took us in and let us have the most relaxing rest day yet.(Charlie and Jo you guys were way too nice to have us and put up with us taking over your house- Thank you!) We watched T.V., movies and made out our own personal butt groves on the couch.  Around three we got up and started service our bikes while waiting for one of the reporters from the Leader-Post paper from Regina who I contacted the day before. We prepped our bikes and had them out in the front of the house making it look like we knew what we were doing, hands all greasy, tools out and a few wheels off.  As we were doing the interview we went out front for a picture with Baha’s bike. Just our luck as we are posing the tire we just fixed in front of them popped on it’s own. We all laughed and finished the shots.

We decided to have a little fun and play a non-competitive game of football(This doesn’t exist in the Munro Clan but I just wanted to say it). Our Baha was the innovator of front yard football and I think he would have been proud of the game we had. Behind Jess’s house is a school so we jumped through her backyard bushes, a fence and onto the field. I was voted quarterback with Rusty and Ry on one team vs Scotty and jess on the other. I did what I did best and used Hughy mack teachings as my coach for four years when I was in my teens(“Sam and Willy Fire” Playbook- Dad you will understand!). We started with these trick plays that were overused in the front of 1447 Ridgemount Drive in Comox for example:

-“The Woops Watch out” The fake throw drop pass to long bomb touchdown

-“The reverse pitch”

-“Hail merry jackpot”

Then we got more creative with:

            -“The Hughy special”: Ross faking a knee injury falling down grunting as Jess went to help him jumping up and running down field to complete the pass.

            -“Two man weave”: Jess and Scotty doing the snake and weaving in and out of each others till Rusty and Ry ran into each other.

            - “The Back breaker”: Jess cutting behind Ry, while Ry had all his attention on Scotty and bending down behind him, Scotty pushing Ry over Jess onto his back, Rusty couldn’t stop laughing and Scotty makes the catch down field.

            - “The suicide throw”: Sean throws an interception on purpose to Scotty while Ry and Rusty are right there to tackle him as hard as they can to send a message for the next play.

            -“playing possum” Scotty runs into the endzone falls onto his back on purpose  as Sean throws it to him on his back.

            -“the wake up call” Scotty and jess run straight at Ry and Ross screaming then both cut out.

            We all came out winners after this game! The rest of out day cosisit of Mr.sub, NBA basketball and a movie.

I would like to thanks my guy Graeme Tait, our good friend and favourite MC at 106.9 the Wolf in Nanaimo, B.C. for putting my on the air to talk about our trip and cause. Thanks buddy! Also would like to thanks Charlie, Jess and Jo for having us over for the two nights in Regina. You guys made our stay unbelievably comfortable and you were way way too nice to us.  Thanks a ton!  Sean.

6/7/2012 02:54:15 pm

how do you fit that hat under your helmet rosco?

6/7/2012 03:12:58 pm

Heh guys,
The boys and I are really enjoying reading your blog and following your progress...very impressed with your amazing endurance! They liked your post about playing football...reminded them of you all playing at your place after ball camp...and doing Dave M impressions. we had a good laugh remembering that! grade 2 class is studying Canada and following your progress...go, boys, go!

6/13/2012 07:52:24 pm

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