Sean Neville Here. Yesterday we had tail wind push us 220km through to Sidney, Manitoba. We felt great when we arrived at our campsite, as we still had enough energy to build a fire, cook a decent MacKinnon meal, Chunky soup, stale bread and a desert “ice cream bars” courtesy of Scotty Mac. The sunset was very romantic, the birds were chirping as Rusty was doing his “I came to win dance”. As I went to bed I notice we had a few coyote neighbours passing around our campsite so I did what anyone would do after 220km on a bike, Nothing. Let them pass and went to bed.

         We woke up earlier then normal as the weatherman “Rusty” had informed us that there was 60 kilometer west wind in the afternoon. 6am wake up call, hit the subway down the road for a few foot longs as we are pretty much their best customers for the past 4 weeks. This particular morning felt like pirates of the Caribbean. The fog was so thick I couldn’t see more then twenty feet in front of me, I just followed rusty's god awful voice singing all songs that relating rain, for example:

-Rihanna “under my umbrella”

-The Weather girls “It’s raining men”

- Lesley Gore “It’s my party and ill cry if I want to”

-TLC “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”

Which made this worse the biking gods were out on the town on this very day but not alone! Typhoon, monsoon, hurricane and tornado were along for the ride. They stomped all over us! First came the rain then the head wind, I looked over at Russ and his eyes were popping out of his head, he looked like a looney-toon character. This very party going on above us was not complete till Zeus showed up. They laughed with “thunder” as Zeus’ lightning bolts showered down upon us. I swear it started snowing at one point. I felt as though I was on Mount Everest reaching for the top but the blizzard and winds were too much. Pushing against my body stopping any movement of going forward. I have never seen so much snow! Then I realized? It wasn’t snow compliments of the gods but this was snow compliments of Scotty Mac's grey hair blowing in the wind and I was stuck behind him. We pushed on in our wet suits filled with water. Buckets of water dumping over our heads then finally we could see a gas station in the distance. Our morale suddenly went up! It took 45 minutes to get there with these awful head winds. We stopped for lunch and tried to wait it out. The rain stopped but the winds picked up. We had to make a decision right then and there, which always ends up to push on.  Twelve hours on the bikes and I see Ryan ”the ox”  pick up his speed I felt a drive within my legs . This was my time to shine! My yellow jersey! I dropped to my lowest gear and pushed up behind Ryan who never seen me coming.  As this was happening I looked to my right to see Ryan’s jaw drop as a soared past him. Rusty and Scott were about 100 yards back chanting Neville, Neville, Neville! I took Ryan on the outside. I started celebrating as I pulled away. Ryan eyes grew bigger, became worried, as this was the first time he had been passed all trip.  Eventually, Ryan pushed forward with a burst of “Ox” energy and won the Winnipeg Jersey.

         One thing we didn’t realize was that we were on the complete opposite side of the city compared to where we were staying.  After biking in rain, headwind and lightning we had to push for another 26 km.  We were exhausted.  At one point when crossing a bridge(We don’t have good luck with bridges) Ryan had a rusty hub cap slide up into his fender and broke it in half.  This might have been the most tired I have seen Ryan all trip.  Mentally he was drained as he had to remove nearly everything off his front tire to fix it.   From now on, we might half to find bridgeless routes.  Might be tough.

         We got to the Indome residence greeted by a “Welcome sign”, salmon, roast beef, ice cream, pie and baked potatoes.  Once again we were spoiled and taken care by an amazing family!!!  Thank you so much to the Indome Family for everything from the unbelievable  dinner, beds, big TV “NBA/NHL” and the amazing tour of Winnipeg.

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