Ryan Mac here.

Big shout out to Noah Lewis!  A long time friend of the MacKinnon family just recently accepted a basketball scholarship to Mount Royal University.  We would like to say we had a part of his success but if anything we may have regressed his skills.  Not only is he a athletic phenom, Noah also won the Osler Shield from Highland Secondary which acknowledges the student who has the highest GPA in their grad class.  All four of us boys combined couldn't come close to reaching Noah's 4.0 GPA. (Brought down severely by Rusty failing Physical Condition 11).  Noah we are proud of you and can't wait to have you around as a coach at the Mac Bros BBALL Camp.

Today, I have realized that visually and physically, the MacKinnon boys have seen better days.  This morning I woke up early way before any of the other guys (Yes, even before Scotty!).  I crept out of my tent in excitement to see rolling black thunderous looking clouds in every direction.  I sat outside on a picnic table and watched in awe as I realized that each of us have the exact same physical appearances, mannerisms, sleeping and eating patterns to certain animals.  Here is my brief description of our animal personas:

Sean Neville “The Orangatang”: Often is lethargic, hair is everywhere and just literally hangs out and does whatever he likes and scratching whatever he likes.  He has a calm personality until someone sets him off where everything goes awry.  

Rusty “The Sloth”: For those who don’t know how sloths roll.  They go by the 23:1 Ratio.  23 hours of sleep a day and 1 hour of eating.  Enough said.

Scotty “The Black Widow”: Ultra-skinny legs and often is out creeping around.  When you see a black widow you often are frightened and don’t want to be near it.  His rain paints now have a massive rip that expose his paper clip legs. No one trusts the black widow.

Ryan "The Lion": (written by the others) The King of the Jungle! Simply put he does what he wants, when he wants.. No need for a shower EVER because his immaculate mane is perfect at all moments. His mane his massive, which makes him larger in stature and intimidating to others around him.. And for some strange reason the mane is off a little bit, he has the rest of his peasantry to fix it. The Lion runs all.

This morning just prior to us leaving the campsite, Rusty’s continued to begin his day in typical fashion.  He has started to change daily into his spandex, but it must be on an object elevated off of the ground.  This is so then he does not get his feet dirty.  By doing so, this has resulted in Rusty changing on picnic tables, logs, hanging from branches or even trying to balance on a bike seat.  This is by no means athletic, every morning I am entertained to see Ross try and manipulate his body to fit into what I call the “unfitable”.  The unitard spandex doesn’t adapt to his inability to balance or show any sort of athleticism.  Every day Scotty and I end up breaking out in laughter as Ross scrapes himself off of the ground after a fall.

Our morning flew by, we cruised at a decent pace and had zero problems with rain.  It wasn’t until later in the afternoon where something went terribly wrong.  Scotty, who had been relatively quiet all day, was shook up from a downpour of rain.  We slowly crept our way along the highway as the trees hung over the highway and marshes became eerie and lonely. Eventually, it was just us and the massive raindrops accompanying Scotty’s feeble brain.  This is where he lost it.  His world came to a crashing end.  In typical fashion he was behind the pack but this time I did not hear grimaces of pain.  It was nearly five minutes of enraged madness.  At the top of his lungs, biking with no hands, staring into the skies reaching for help he yelled:

1) What are you waiting for!?!?!

2) Unleash your fury!!!!

3) Is that all you have got!?

4) You will never take my freedom!!!!!!!!

We officially thought Scott had lost his mind.  Sean at one point was considering taking him aside to have a one on one talk, older brother to older brother.  Which I might have to set up soon.

It is crazy how many people have helped us over our journey already.  We are all starting to think that everyone might be helping us because they feel bad.  To say the least we do not look good.  We all have massive bags under our eyes, clothes are ripped and dirty and all have horse jockey bodies(but on over six foot frames, not a good look).  We are now in Ignace and are pushing to Thunder Bay in two days.

Also, just a shout out to a group of guys we actually met on our first day in Mission, B.C.  Joey, Max and Ira are currently riding in hopes of raising money for the Easter Seals Camp that helps children with disabilities succeed.  Pretty cool story!  Their website is www.8000kms.ca

Goodnight! Ryan 
6/15/2012 06:15:10 am

Hi Scott, Ryan, Sean, and Ross my name is Max and our class (Mrs.Lewis's grade 6 class) will be doing a pancake breakfast/lunch fundraiser for biking for Baha.
We have been folowing your blog.
Our breakfast will be on june 25, 26, and the 27th at Aspen Park.
We will send you pictures and keep in touch.

Good luck!
Max Brown And All The Grade 6's At Aspen Park

P.S. I Think Scott looks like the Grinch too. :P Mrs. Lewis doesent agree though.

6/15/2012 09:41:26 am

You guys are doing awesome. Keep on trucking away. People help you because you are doing something amazing. And maybe they have a little pity for the state you are in...ha ha
Sean - in your older brother pep talk, tell lieutenant Dan to keep it together

8/20/2012 04:06:32 pm

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