Savanne River at 6:30 PM set up our camp and went straight for a swim at the river. This river water was as red as the rock and soil surrounding it.  We had noticed over the past few days the rock formations changing to a red colour as did the rivers. So this water was eerie red, as you could not see a foot down into it.  We had no idea what was around with this swamp like grassy red water banks. This reminded me of a particular time in my life, I was driving up the east coast of Australia in my six hundred dollar beater of a car with some really close friends of mine from the Comox Valley. My car over heated so we gave it a little time to cool off. We decided to find a river, as it was 35 plus out. Yuri, Tali, Bree and myself found a murky red water river similar to this one in Savanne. We ended up 40 feet out in the river when a stream of water 15 feet from us started to from making it seem that something really big was just under the surface of the water and was moving fast towards us. We screamed like 6-year-old girls as whatever it was got closer and closer. Three feet in front of me the unknown object changed directions straight towards Yuri, took out his legs and flipped him. I remember us swimming harder then I’ve ever swam before. So this Savaane River gave the boys and me shivers so we did not end up staying in long.

First off, I’d like to talk about my body falling apart on me.

1-                   Tennis ball bug bits on my forehead. I look like the chocolate eating monster out of the movie ’the Goonies” My helmet hasn’t fit right for days.

2-                   My knees are shot! They will never be the same, I walk like I’m 50 years older then I am.

3-                   I have never been known as the stinky foot MacKinnon. I still cant make up my mind who out of Ryan, Scott and Ross is the worse but these days my shoes are falling apart, I’m reusing socks day after day. I even scare off the mosquitoes with the smell of my horrendous feet.

4-                   I need a new Seat or bum!

5-                   My brothers don’t feed me enough! I eat the most out of us and they just don’t comprehend that I need this fuel to push on.

6-                   The most important thing to me is bathroom breaks! I eat a lot and drink even more. Anytime I stop to pee the boys just take off. They think I already stop too much to eat, let alone pee! So they just leave me, this kills me, as I have to work twice as hard trying to catch up.

This was how I woke up this morning. I hoped out of our tent and got mauled by mosquitoes. SMA-BRAP was at it again! Scotty’s laptop case was left out and was soaked, Rusty was the last one to use the lab top.  This is how it went down.

Scotty: Ross why do you have no respect for other people stuff!

Rusty: Scotty get out of my face!

Scotty: All you have that’s yours is you I-Phone which you don’t let anyone near. Even your underwear is mine! Your selfish and only care about your own stuff.

Rusty: Selfish am I? While maybe I won’t carry any of your stuff anymore!

Next thing you know Scotty’s Therma-Rest mattress is 30 feet in the air thrown by Rusty, while he stares Scotty down! Ryan and I stand back laughing. In the end they resolve their dispute.  We left at 6am, as our camping neighbours would not stop telling us about all the moose they have seen. We were told early mornings are when the most moose are seen, so we were up and ready to go by 6. On the road once again the closest thing to a moose was on a poster board. We did cross the Atlantic and Arctic Watershed where all steams east flow south into the Atlantic and all west waters from all streams flow north into the Arctic Ocean. It was pretty cool to past this point.

            On the way into Thunder Bay we stopped at the Kakabeka falls, which were unreal! The water was really high which made these abnormally big and powerful falls. There were different lookouts all along the Cliff Sides. We enjoyed the moment and then got back on the road. We were riding straight into head wind. It was quite comical when the Thunder Bay cycling club past us without breaking a sweat, I was trying to keep up without showing weakness but the beads of sweat dripping down my face told it all.  We arrived at the Britton’s household early where we had cold beverages and finger foods waiting for us. They are the most amazing people and nicest family.  Can’t thank the Britton family enough for taking us in.

Sean Neville out!


6/18/2012 10:51:48 am

Lol!!! Love that I'm the youngest sister!!! So wish I could have rode with u guys while u were here!! Or at least I should have gotten a pic with u and the girls!!! Scott, little Katie is still talking about u ;) so happy to have met u and hopefully one day our paths will cross again! If by sooner then in Ellen when u take soph I he show with u

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