Scotty's Ideal Life Partner
Neville and Natalie next ring to it.
Ry Mac is in love!
Rusty’s Relationship Roundup:

After our short day due to a hurricane/tornado/fog out we decided to lay low in the town of Terrace Bay. I would love to be able to describe Terrace Bay to you but due to the fog we were only able to navigate to the lighthouse right smack in the middle of the town. Other then that we basically stayed dry in our motel room.

Late last night we were feeling adventurous so we decided to make the incredible trek of 15 meters to the Motel Restaurant for dinner, where we thought it was a wicked idea to all order the “all you can eat ribs”. Being an experienced eater (two time defending hot dog eating champion back to back  years at Robb Road Junior school) I thought I would easily dismantle my three brothers in an eat off.  Man was I wrong. I made the rookie mistake of eating about two loaves of bread prior to the ribs even coming out. Neville, who was much more experienced in the eating realm then I had imagined, passed on the bread and seemingly devoured rib after rib. Seeing in how much pain I was in from being so full Neville began mocking me. He even looked me right in the eye, covered in honey garlic rib sauce and said “Russ, didn’t you know they try and make you full on bread first?” Well I always say you learn something new everyday. Ry and him easily ate the most, while Scotty fell asleep halfway through the meal and was disqualified.

We planned on waking up at 5am this morning to get on the road early to make up for the lost time. However, the comfort of the Motel room was to much to pass and we slept in till 7:30 and after breakfast were on the road by 8:30. The fog was still present, but not nearly a tenth of what it was entering yesterday, which was wonderful since we had to ride 180km to White River. The terrain was very up and down, which made the day go by relatively slow. What makes things the worst about Ontario is that they have KM signs for every 2 KMS you travel. So when you mix this with us climbing steep hills at the pace of a sea turtle it causes some very long and drawn out days. I can see a piece of Ry Mack die every time he sees those KM markers.

The day which started off very slowly, picked up steam when we decided to have some very intellectual conversation. We played a game called your “perfect celebrity girl”. The rules worked as so:

1)   You must pick 3 personality traits that you would want in your perfect girl and explain why you would want this trait.

2)   You must pick what you would want the girl to look like. (PG 13 of course)

** Having been an avid fan of the Bachelor and pretty much guessing the right pairs for many years in a row now. I consider myself basically a professional matchmaker, so I decided to match each brother to a celebrity that I see fit. **

So I started with the youngest Mackinnon first.

Ryan wanted someone:

- Adventurous: Someone that would be willing to try new things in many different realms in their life. Simply put, a girl who would be a risk taker. (Anyone willing to date Ry is taking a risk in itself)

- Caring: A girl who would care for you, your friends and your family. All and all just has a big heart. (I thought this was very mature of Ryan)

- Sense of Humour: A girl who can laugh at herself, have fun and laugh at everyone of Ryan’s repeated jokes (and there are many)

-For looks Ry wanted someone that was pretty, with that girl next door look. NOT a perfect 12/10 model.

I decided that the perfect fit for him would be TAYLOR SWIFT! Taylor is caring, funny and most importantly she is the type of girl you want to bring home to your parents!

Sean wanted someone:

- Open-minded: His girl would never judge a book by its cover. She would be willing to listen to new ideas and try new things. Perfect for experienced traveler Neville.

- Who takes pride in life: No matter what his girl does she would always take pride in it. In her career, home life, relationship, Neville’s girl would always be giving it 110% no matter what.

- With a Sense of Humour: This is an ongoing theme for the Mackinnon’s. I think it is simple, when we laugh, we are happy. Neville’s girl would be the Chris Rock of women!

Neville mentioned that he really fell in love with unique eyes. So for him I decided to pick the beautiful NATALIE PORTMAN.. This fun loving Actress takes pride in everything she does and is funny to boot. Neville and her would definitely hit it off!

Scotty wanted someone:

- Ambitious: someone always wanting more in their life and never being content. Always growing in every aspect of their life.

- Honest: someone that communicates every one of their feelings and can always be trusted to speak honestly. (So pretty much a girl to tell Scotty straight up to deal with his countless bad habits)

- Outgoing: Similar to adventurous, a girl who is willing to go outside of her comfort zone and adapt to different situations in life. The Cameleon of Women.

Scotty did not mention anything in relation to physical appearance so I matched him purely on Personal traits. For him I chose CRUELLA De VIL, as she is blunt and honest, which is shown through her hatred of animals, but is also ambitious. Always striving for more. I believe Scotty and her would live happily ever after together!

After a long day and a lot of dry conversation we finally arrived in White River, which turned out to be the town in which Winnie the Pooh was founded! All of us extremely excited about this fun fact stayed out all night partying.. Lies. We were in bed by typical Scotty Mack time, at about 9pm. 

6/22/2012 12:23:12 am

Well, you guys are keeping it together...against unseemly odds and the normal (really ? normal.? this family??) sibling 'comradery'...or was that rivalry. Keep up hope and drive guys. You are amazing and need to pat yourselves on the back each and every moment for your inspiration and perseverence (just don't do it while biking uphill).

I noticed that your dad comes up with some amazing quotes for you so just thought I'd add a couple:

"And, no, we don't know where it will lead. We just know that there's something much bigger than any of us here." -Steve Jobs

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” - Helen Keller

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

May those winds be always on your tail! JR

6/22/2012 03:40:17 am

Linds and I are dying. Ross is funny! Who knew?

6/22/2012 06:15:26 pm

Well done Ryan. I wish you, and your brother's endeavours to meeting your celebrity date.
Keep on going boys - you're doing awesome and make sure Scotty doesn't get too grumpy from missing his sleep. We haven't heard from in a while as he must be asleep by the time you guys get settled and ready to update the blog...poor guy. Cruella probably won't be too happy if he sleeps all the time like this and doesn't help her with her dogs. Good thing Yvie is there to save the day!

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