Ryan back again.  Yesterday was the Summer Solstice.  A time where people are often uplifted by a hint of warmer weather, BBQ’s, swimming, camping and other exhilarating outdoor activities.  For me however, the summer solstice; which symbolizes the longest day of the year, bikinis and beaches to me.  Will never come close to that in the next month.   As I am spending two grueling months of my summer with my three bros this is what I am going to experience:

Rusty: taking off layers, complaining about the heat and constantly draping a wet-towel over his head.

Scott: literally bathing in SPF 900, trying to save his brittle skin.

Sean: getting exponentially darker, looking like a Hawaiian surfer, constantly flipping his hair, looking at himself in the mirror and making me feel like an absolute loser.

Today, was one of our best yet. For those of you unfamiliar with Northern Ontario its topography mainly consists of the Canadian Shield.  An area that is dominated by igneous rock and also massive rolling hills.  The past few days have been unreal as we biked along Lake Superior and just recently today on the shores of Lake Huron.  As we left Sault St. Marie, it was officially our send off from the Canadian Shield.  This worked out as we had tail wind, beautiful sunny and warm weather and high spirits from our night before.  Our day needs hardly any description as it went with no problems as the land was flat but our tires weren’t! HA CHA CHA CHA.  Brutal, I know. 

Anyways, As we enter the final 24 days of our journey. I wanted to briefly describe the evolution of our skills as touring bikers.  Here are some quick things that we have improved on over the trip:

STREET CRED: Our first couple weeks biking we literally had people laughing at us when they asked us what we were doing.  Maybe it was Rusty’s pouch, Neville’s trendy jean shorts or Scotty’s legs looking like they couldn’t squat a cotton swab.  Who knows.  However, now we are pounding fists with hells angels, directing traffic and calling out other bicyclists on their form.

LINGO: When we first started we didn’t know what to call our bags, seats, tires or anything to do with the bikes.  Here are some examples of lingo we have picked up.


Rumble Strips- “Rumbies”

Having Snacks-“Snackies”

Fresh Legs- “Freshies”

Whenever you feel tired- “Got Scotties”

COOKING:  If anyone has seen any of us boys cook food or eat, it can be quite the struggle.  Lately, things have changed.  Rusty is making peanut butter sandwiches behind his back.  These sandwiches have the perfect ratio between bread and peanut butter.  Scotty has been a killing it.  I have been really proud of his improvement.  His ability to peel an orange is bar none better than anyone I have ever seen.  Sean has been unbelievable in finding food for himself.  I swear the guy has food hidden everywhere.

Anyways, over the next three or four days we should be making it to Ottawa.  Crazy times as we come closer to the Capital of Canada.  

Love you bye! Ryan.

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