Sean Neville's       Halfway TOP TEN Highlights

1) Beards

·      Scotty has black curls

·      My mustache curling over my lips are close in the lead

·      Ryan's Neard "neck beard" 

·      Rusty's Mexican dirt he calls facial hair isn’t far behind.        

2) Best lines

·      “No need for an alarm clock when we have tree falling on our head”-(Sean Neville after the tree landed on our bikes- Catherine’s Cove)

·      “The next leg of your trip is the hardest leg of all Canada” 

·      (Every morning in every town while Scotty get his green tea fix .  

·      “Flying Deer”

·      (every time we see a "watch for deer" sign the person in front yells FLYING DEER we are still yet to see a flying deer)

3) Best Bails: 

·      Ryan Mac goes straight over his handle-bars on the descent from Sunday summit (While staring out at deer)    

·      Scotty Mac running from the hurricane/moonson in Lake Superior Provincial park laid out on his side landing in a puddle. 

·      Rusty falls side ways at 1km an hour as he gets his booties stuck    

·      Neville bailing while asking for directions in Hager       

4) Worst natural elements

·      Head winds

·      Summits 

·      Black flies.    

5) Best natural elements

·      Tail winds

·      Sunshine

·      Downhill’s    

6) Mental Break Downs:

·      Scotty head between his legs rocking and admitting that he might not make it.(Fernie B.C.)   

·      Sean Neville losing his mind at his bike and dragged it across the gas station parking lot. (Fernie B.C.)  

·      Rusty throws mattress across the campsite with his eyes on focusing Scotty. (Savanne river,ONT) 

·      Ryan hides himself in his jacket and doesn't say a word for 3 hours descending from bonanza summit (Castlegar, B.C.)   

7) Random run-ins: 

·      Hip hop artist Obie Trice on the side of the highway with his crew somewhere just east of Kenora. 

·      The stone family seeing us everyday from Sault Ste. Marie to North bay (McDonald's, subway etc.).  

·      -Cousin Paul Munro as we off loaded the Kokanee ferrie.  

8) Top Biking Singing Songs

·      Nikki Minaj- starships 

·      Katy perry California girls

·      Sean Kingston-Beautiful girl. 

·      Carly Rae Jepsen-Call me maybe           

9) Craziest moments. 

·      The German and black bear 

·      Tree falling on our bikes

·      Attack of the black flies,  

10) Hospitality.  

·      Harri - awesome, 

·      Morrison's – amazing

·      Doctor Jon Doan- Unbelievable 

·      Lethbridge lodge- A blast

·      Humphreys house- incredible

·      Cousin Jess lynch, Joe and Charlie's – perfect

·      Indomes- unreal

·      Paterson's -the best

·      Brittons- lovely

·      Halls- great.                                                             

We have been in Ontario for ten days now and all I've heard from the locals is how many moose are in this area. I have been on my bike 12 hours a day for 10 days and have not seen one moose but I have seen many other things on this trip Moosejaw, Moose 95.3 fm, Moose signs, Moose socks, stuffed moose and moose tracks ice cream. Please tell me there's something wrong with this?                                 

Last night we spent the night on a field/bug factory in front of a random hotel in Hager. We later became the main course for the mosquitos and there was nothing we could do about! It was raining when we woke up and the bugs were still out so it was a quick exit. We made it to North Bay by 2pm and only had another 60km to ride so we decided to hit subway, as we would! Then WIFI at McDonalds to wait out the rain. The manager came up to us asking questions about our bikes and where we are headed. Soon his employee whose grandfather has PD was excited to hear all about us and or cause, asking how to donate. Next thing you know the staff wanted to get picture with us. While this was all going on the Stone family walked in which had seen us numerous times over the last few days. Mainly in subways! Very friendly people and we thank you for the donations and wish you all the best. We left North bay in full force trying to out run a storm and arrived in Mattawa where we hit a Chinese restaurant. Didn't leave anything on the plates after devouring a 6-person dinner.       

I would like you say a big thanks to everyone who's still interested in us and our cause, following the blogs and supporting us all the way home. WE HAVE RAISED 65% OF OR GOAL and are still pushing.  We will not give up! A BIG Thanks from the MacKinnon Boys



·      David W. GrunderLlaw Corporation

-      Ben Davies Financial Planning

·      Odlum Brown

·      Adamschek Construction Ltd

·      First Insurance

·      Subway

·      Neuromotion Physiotherapy

·      WE international Inc Philippines

·      Macbros Basketball Camp

·      Canadian Outback Adventures

·      Remax Marc Villanueva 

·      Dr. J.P. Claasen

·      Ensign Energy Services

With out you we wouldn’t be even close to our ultimate goal. You helped make this all possible and keep us inspired. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.                   

 Sean Neville & the boys 

Sally Fenneman
6/25/2012 09:07:50 am

You boys/men are amazing. I have driven that route many times over the years and I love to see the places you visit and hear your stories. Hang in there and remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.....also put on your big boy panties and deal with it LOL. Look forward to hearing more and seeing you make it to Halifax......Cheers Sally Fenneman.

Ralph sorensen
6/25/2012 12:05:02 pm

Great ride boys, you are the talk of the town

9/6/2012 05:25:46 pm

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