Courtenay and Emma from Mcdonalds in North Bay! Fun people to meet! 
Sunsets riding into Mattawa, Ontario. 300KM from Ottawa
More sunsets....
We are the blue dot.
Russ's special breakfast for Ryan, you can almost see the heart made out of cranberries.
We bet Russ $300 dollars that he could not stay in the this dresser for 3 hours we the doors closed. He lasted 45 minutes this is when we opened the door.
6/25/2012 02:13:25 am

Amazing to see, from the blue dot, where you guys are!!! What a journey.....

6/25/2012 06:01:30 am

Rosco-You are starting to scare me! The dresser incident...Oh my! Anyway,great talking with you last night and love hearing all your voices when you call! What a journey it has been! You guys are awesome,love your blogs and pictures and keep pedaling and smiling!(the one blog on your big storm-Oh my lord!)

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