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Today was our last day for a push to Ottawa and to a couple well deserved rest days. Our trip has been crazy in Northern Ontario. For 14 straight days we have been biking over a total of 2000 km's. What a journey and adventure. To say the least us MacKinnon boys have never looked so forward to our rest days. This morning we had a measly 115 km's to Ottawa. This meant that from our beautiful campsite behind a church in Cobden to Ottawa which was an absolute breeze. However, last night we had our first run in with the long arm of the law. As we got into Cobden late, we scrambled for a campsite. We decided to pitch our tents behind a beautifully gardened, landscaped, weeded lawn behind the church. Looked like a modern day Town of Comox lawn maintained by Gaylen and Jared. However, looked like more than one person was working on it at once. Scotty and I decided to stroll up to the church to set up as it was getting pretty late. Rusty and Neville stayed behind at a local convenience store to charge up their I-Phones( I don't know what they would do without constant contact to their friends). I guess some local Cobdenians saw us two scronny, 6"4 Mac Bros stumble to the back. Russ and Neville who were oblivious to any sort of report pedalled up the hill. As they turned into the Church driveway, sirens roared. This is how they both described their reactions:

 Russ: -Scrambled to jump off his bike, screaming "I didn't do nothing, I didn't do nothing" 

 Sean: -Calmly leaned his bike against the pole, pulled out his I.D. and started humming the song "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, watcha gonna do, Watcha gonna do" 

 The cops immediately began to question the boys. Wondering what these two B.C. hippies were doing in their town. Calmly, Sean Neville described the situation and our story and had the police high -fiving, hugging and possibly donating to our cause. 

 **All at this time Scotty and I are freaking out peering around the corner thinking that Russ and Sean are being taken to the local jail. Luckily, things all worked out and nothing bad happened because of it! 

 We rode on country roads, avoiding the hectic 417 highway on route to the capital city. Sean Neville was behind us navigating the country back roads along farms with his I-Phone. As we rode about 20 km out of the city, Rusty and Sean Neville fell apart. Their relationship is like a teeter-totter. Never at any point is there a happy medium. They are either best friends or huge enemies looking to literally beat each other up. On route in, things got crazy as Russ and Sean began calling each other out for no apparent reason. They gave low blows, high blows, gut shots and what I call, "Make sure you never ever make fun of someone for this shots". Things got crazy, Russ was fuming and Sean Neville was cruising.(Sick unintentional rhyme). This trip has been successful so far because of a metaphor that I call: 

 "The No Problem Hamburger"

 The Top and Bottom Bun: Scotty and Ryan literally holding the crew together. The glue that keeps the team and brings the energy. 

 The Meat: Rusty, full of protein and ready to rock. Too much of it you get the meat sweats. 

 The Veggies: Sean Nevilles, green hippy attitude usually has the crew feeling ALRIGHTT!

**Basically without the veggies and meat happy together, the burger is no good. 

 Anyways, Ross will give you an in-depth shot into what we had going on in Ottawa. The capital city! We made it. Love you all BYE! Ryan

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