In front of the unreal 5th wheel that our amazing hosts Rick and Karen Cullum and Duncan and Shannon Cowan hooked us up with! The boys are hanging with their new best friends Garrett and Declan Cowan!
"Baby Ryan" is scared of horses, was good for him to get accustomed to them at Evergreen Farms
We have never had a more needed relaxing three days.
Can someone say "Chicken Fights", you might say we spent a little bit of time in the pool.
Fort Henry, Kingston Ontario
Sean Neville had a make over from fashionable Abigail.
Sean Neville and Abigail had an awesome Thursday Night Dance Party.
Town Hall, Kingston Ontario
Russ with the kids at the checking out Abby's horse Patches.
Evergreen Farms, it does not get better than this. Thank you Rick and Karen for holding such a fantastic Party!
Russ got a little bit of sleep in Kingston! Well needed rest for the big guy.
"Baby Ryan" and Garrett relaxing on Duncan's well constructed deck.
Chicken Fights! 
Alpacas at the Evergreen Farm. It is the best kids playground ever. Russ and Ryan were in heaven.
The next generation of Frontenac Superstars: Garrett and Declan Cullum
The 5th wheel: Russ and Sean stayed in it, complete with big screen TV, Shannon stocked shelves of everything type of food and treat known to man and BEDS which we have been dying for.
Frontenac Falcon 4 Life. Duncan hooked us with sweaters, shorts, t-shirts all from the basketball powerhouse and high school Scotty did his teaching practicum at Frontenac. I do not think you could ever meet someone more loyal than Dunk! Plus Scotty and him have a serious Bro-Mance going on! 
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