Just another day where the Cowan family absolutely spoiled us.  Rusty, Neville and I had the chance to drive down to Toronto to check out the Blue Jays play in the beautiful Rogers Center.  Us boys took off at around 8:30 AM from Kingston cruising down in the Cowan Mini-van anxious to check out the big city.  When we arrived in Toronto, it was pretty eye-opening because it was by far the most Americanized city we have seen yet.  Full of sky-scrapers, advertisements and urban sprawl it did not compare to the recent neighbourhoods being built in Comox.  Toronto is a crazy city that has a wide diversity of cultures.

It was cool to pull into the city as the CN Tower stared you down with every kilometer you came close.   I was lucky enough to have a good friend of mine Chris Mclaughlin meet us for the game.  Chris, a 6”10 tower and current stud for the UVic Vikes was awesome to have around.  The best part was that we always had a meeting point and could never lose him.  Whenever Ross would be on the verge of tears and hyperventilating in the baseball game craziness, Chris was there.  It wouldn’t matter if he was ten or ninety feet away, Chris would be a good two feet above everyone else.  For that Chris, thank you!  Again bud it was awesome to see you and can’t wait to see you dominate the CIS this year.

The game was pretty cool to see.  We bought the cheapest tickets in the 500 level but it was well worth it.  Home runs, steals, diving catches and Sean Neville complaining of the heat were regular occurrences during the game.  Awesome game Overall! I’d like to give props to B.C product Brett Lawrie who smashed a home run and batted 4/4 in the game. It’s so awesome to see such B.C talent as Brett Lawrie and Comox Legend Taylor Green (who plays for the Milwaukee Brewers) coming up to the big leagues. Rusty was claiming all day that if Taylor didn’t play short-stop on their 10 year old rep team that he would’ve been the one to make the Majors! I’m sorry Russ but you don’t have an athletic bone in your body ha ha. .The Jays ended up cruising to an 11-3 victory. Not bad at all!

It was also cool as we cruised around the city after the game.  We strolled through the Toronto Pride Festival(2nd biggest in North America) and were all amazed by the positive environment that the gay community had.  There were music stages, thousands of vendors, dance performers and overall a good aura in the neighbourhood.  We cruised around for an hour or so before heading back to Kingston for our last night with the Cowan family.  Just a great day and a late night goodbye to our favourite munchkins (Abby, Garret and Decklin) was sad to say the least.   

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