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Summer Montreal is the most electric city I have ever visited. I have had the privilege of visiting Montreal on a few occasions to hang out with my best buddy Emily Campbell, but it has always been in the winter. Still architecturally beautiful and culturally exciting Montreal was intriguing in the winter but it did not grasp my attention as this last visit. In the summer, Montreal comes alive in a festivity of colors, parties, lively events and turns into a city of swarming happy, smiling and dancing people trying to relieve themselves of the painful 8 month white out they have just endured. The activities are endless and well attended, with a variety of choices that see Montrealians dressed to the nines. Walking up to Mount Royal and the magical view a top the city, you see this in the impromptu Bongo dance parties that sprout up out of nowhere. In the summer Montreal just knows how to have fun. For the last two days we have attended the FREE International Jazz Festival du Montreal, which has performers from all over the world. The crowd, which ranges from young families to retired dancing hippies has a peaceful and appreciative aura about them. All I keep thinking about is our father Hughie Mac (Comox Valley Music Festival Campground Security Legend) and how much he would have enjoyed this time here.

French Canadians are different. Emotional, erratic, passionate, friendly, fashionable, cultured, up for anything, they have a confidence that borders on arrogance that makes everyday occurrences seem so enheightened here. Summer Montreal is a place you could get lost in and come out with a new perspective on life. There is just so much action.

Russ has fell in love with Quebec. For 6 weeks, I have heard Russ comment on French Canadian women and how he could not wait to find his one true love. We all mocked him relentlessly for his continued insistence that “The One” was waiting for him in Quebec. At this moment I take everything back I have ever said to Ross about French Canadian women. Montreal hands down has the best looking female population in the entire world. And Russ has not let us hear the end of it. Carly Sheridan, our extremely fun, easy going and friendly Montreal tour guide made the mistake of telling Russ that French Canadian men and women are aggressive compared to west coast Canadians so if he was going to garner any attention, he would have to step his game up. This pretty much became a hall pass for Russ to smile, talk to, gawk, whistle at, compliment and yell “Ca va bien et toi?”  at every passing stunner. To my amazement this has worked only encouraging Russ to get bolder in his search for Mademoiselle Right. At the International Jazz Festival on Tuesday night I looked over to see two French Canadian Girls looking at Russ and Ryan and giggling at their barrage of dance moves. I turned to Russ and excitedly said, “Russ, Those girls are into you….” Before I could finish my sentence Russ cut me off and nodded cockily,”I Know Scotty, I know”. As the concert ended Russ stood in one place, ignoring the flood of followers walking past him, within seconds the admiring girl walked up to Russ slipped a note into his hand and shyly took off into the crowd. The note read “A coffee or a beer” and had the girls phone number on it. Russ nodded approvingly and strutted away.

PDA: French Canadians are not afraid to show their feelings for each other. The amount of people we have seen holding hands, cuddling and sucking face has been mind blowing. This combined with the amount of gorgeous French Canadian women has Russ continuously acting out a scene from the movie “The Sandlot”. I have attached it; he actually does it quite well and is now considering pursuing an acting career in the cultural capital of Canada.

In many ways I have felt like I am in a different country in Quebec. The French Canadians mannerisms, history, feelings, personalities are very different from Anglophone Canadians, the overall experience has been very intense. I am just so intrigued by this province. It has been my favorite by leaps and bounds. I just feel like as Canadians we are so lucky to have Quebec as part of our country. I remember hearing stories about when my Baha took his entire family on a trip to Europe. My aunties and uncles always talk about how interested Baha was in other cultures and how he would ask relentless questions about wherever they visited, as he always wanted to understand who and what he was witnessing. I have seen this passed down to all of my brothers but most specifically Ryan Mac. Ryan bombards locals with questions about history, religion, opinions, politics, everything and anything you could think of. Then he spouts off facts that he has just learned. The kid is actually quite smart, Despite associating himself with Russ and his antics.

I believe that we have lost Sean Neville to Montreal. In the next few months I can see him situated here for a little while. He has shown a real interest in learning French and living about the Latin Quartier. For some reason I think Sean Neville and his luscious golden locks could do quite well for himself here.

Finally Russ and Ryan have outsmarted the master of mischief. The two youngest boys in our quartet are students and completely broke, they have zero money! For about a month now Russ and Ryan have been very helpful in assisting me in certain situations. About 5 weeks ago my wallet got soaked in one of the massive storms we encountered. Since that moment Russ and Ryan have always generously volunteered the waterproof Electronic kit (On Russ’s Bike) and the waterproof backpack (On Ryan’s bike) for me to store my wallet. Anytime I have come out of a convenience store they always quickly ask if they can store my wallet for me. Over this time I have noticed Russ and Ryan paying for everything in change. There hands will be overflowing with Twoonies/Loonies/Dimes and nickels. I did not catch on until yesterday what was going on. Russ and Ryan have been waiting for me to break bills during any of my purchases over that period. After I break the Bill, they offer their protection of my wallet in either bag. What happens is my loose change falls out of my wallet, which according to Russ and Ryan makes it “LIVE” and not claimable, they pocket the change and afford Timmy Ho’s breakfast the next morning. They have started referring to the Electronic kit and the UVIC backpacks as their “Piggy Banks” where they find nice little treats each morning. 

Concrete Harri
7/8/2012 10:01:44 am

A trip of a lifetime!!!!!! Just catching up on your quest.

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