Hayes Point Provincial Park Campsite 
Sean Neville is so much more athletic than the rest of us.
Scotty tried to climb it first and could not make it. Neville to the rescue.
Fixing Russ's tire. Russ was worrying!
Ry Mack getting lose again.
Fighting the Sasquatch for a case of Kokanee. Creston here we come.
Scotty and Russ's pouch off. 
Sleeping in Harry's garage
The biking god himself, the king of Concrete in Grand Forks "Harry"!
Marcy Siple Oakley
5/24/2012 12:06:46 pm

Hey guys, loving your Blog. Gave Jason Draginda of Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine the heads up that your on your way into Nelson!
He's the guy to know in Nelson! Keep up the enthusiasm and as always, the good times....definitely Java up at Oso Negro Coffee in Nelson! cheers!

9/9/2012 11:21:28 am

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