The most photographed hotel in the world: Chateau Frontenac
Sean Neville scaling the wall and proving he would be the best soldier of the four of us.
Ryan manning the cannons.
View of the St.Lawrence from the wall.
Walking Quebec City Wall. Quebec City is only one of two walled cities in North American, can anyone name the other?
Russ got a standing ovation for his 4 block long, Artistic Gymnastic performance.
Old Town again... Tons of Action.
Entering Old Town.
Scotty manning the cannons
Sean Neville manning the cannons
Sean Neville from the top of the Citadelle.
The Wall again.Pink Floyd is playing on the Plains of Abraham in less than a week. 
Chateau Frontenac
A top of the Citadelle again.
Sean Neville handing out stickers and talking to people about the cause.
Ry Mac found his DOPPLEGANGER!
7/10/2012 05:24:42 am

Ross - I want a replay of the rythmic gymnastic performance when you get back to Comox... you are so graceful. Deir

7/10/2012 05:27:37 am

2016 Olympics,Ross! With such grace,style,and athletic performance! You are my hero!!

7/10/2012 10:49:18 am

Ryan I had no idea your facial hair could do that...Ross I also want to see this gymnastic routine!!

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