Ryan here.   
Last night we arrived in Cranbrook around 7 P.M. and found a beautiful campsite in the heart of downtown.  Little did we know that its proximity to the Rocky Mountains made the weather feel as though our tents we were sleeping in a deep freeze.  After last nights sleep, I was choked! First off, I need to give you a brief description of my sleeping style.  By no means am I a good person to share a tent with.  I snore, twitch, groan and talk throughout the night.  I am not a quiet sleeper nor do I have any ability at controlling it.  After around five nights of spooning with Scotty in our tent made for infants, the dream was over.  Scotty had snapped.  At around 3:45 AM, Scotty just waking up from his daily two hour nap eventually had enough of my unconventional sleeping style.  I woke to the sound of Scotty’s tin-man body literally cracking like a firework while he was moving.  I was immediately startled and turned my head to see what was wrong.   Scotty had compiled enough strength from his frail body to eventually reel his hamstring in like a fishing rod to eventually unleash a brutal heel strike to my mid-back.  I have already began starting to plant the seeds with Ross to share a tent with him our next night camping.  I have realized that Sean is by far the best person to share a tent with.  I need to get that figured out soon.

The trip to Sparwood was very scenic and amazingly beautiful as we paralleled the Rockies for most of the trip.  We weaved our way around as we saw Mountain Goats and a ton of Elk that ran beside us for nearly two kilometers.   What was most interesting was a new game that we played.  The game was simply, who would you rather date, dump or marry? 

Out of

A) A mountain B) The Rumble Strips C) Head Wind

This is what we all chose and our reasoning why:

Marry: A Mountain:  A mountain is something you that takes time to gain a strong relationship with.  At first it is a bit uneasy and then eventually you get to the summit(Marriage) until it is a slow decline.

Date: Head Wind-  A head wind always keeps you guessing.  Something you want in a dating relationship.  At times it slows up and at others it’s a full force MACH speed hurricane right into your face.  So who knows maybe a head wind wouldn’t be the worst girlfriend.

Dump: The Rumble Strips:  These guys are not worth the time.  They are not friends of our buttocks.  They throw us around the road and they literally make us feel terrible.  But they never go away.  Definitely the girlfriend you can never get rid of!

By far the best part of the day was when we just passed through Fernie.  Around 25 km away from Sparwood.  Scotty,  had been complaining for days about his bike being too slow and how is has literally limited his ability to attain the yellow jersey.   As the nice guy that I am, Scotty and I switched bikes.   However, the bike had very little effect on me.  I was cruising far ahead of the crew and literally coasted my way for most of the final part of our trip.  I weaved in and out of the boys literally not raising my heart rate above 55 BPM.  Eventually, as Ross and I were having a very casual conversation, Scotty was around 100 meters ahead of me speeding towards the Welcome to Sparwood sign, that he spotted before all of us.  Scotty was nearly 200 meters away from the sign when I pondered, considered and got off my bike tied my shoelaces, stretched, got water and then pursued him for the finish line.  As I saw Scotty spinning his legs as fast as I could, it reminded me of Forest Gump when he loses his braces while running.  The only part different was Scotty didn’t run, it looked like he was using a crutch at his side.  I eventually caught up to him, took time to double and triple check if any cars were coming to coast past him for the yellow jersey.  To explain it modestly, Scotty was demoralized.

To make our day even better, we had Jen Komaltyki and Leigh put us up in their beautiful home in Sparwood.  They were way too nice to us.  Took us around the town, showed us the biggest truck in the world and definitely refreshed us for our final leg through the Rockies.  Jen and Leigh from all of us Mackinnon Boys thank you so much for everything.  Too nice of you!!!!!!!  We apologize for Ross’ stench.  Anyways, off to Waterton National Park tomorrow and goodbye British Columbia    

5/29/2012 04:23:28 am

You guys are amazing and your blogs crack me up!
I am heading out on the same kind of trip, only Victoria BC to San Fran! We are also with Team Fox - leaving next week! So your stories about sore "seats" is not what I want to hear....I'll be suffering along with you soon enough!
If you have time, check us out: www.theparkyspeddlers.com
I will continue to follow your journey and be entertained by your posts! Way to go guys!!

5/29/2012 05:01:11 am

Thanks guys - just got my daily laughter fix!!! Anyway if you are in Waterton tomorrow then take heart - the Rockies are almost behind you. Hang in there... Deirdre

Ben Choinski
5/29/2012 12:32:17 pm

Keep going!!!!

Kelly Jo Craddock
5/29/2012 01:13:02 pm

Love you guys! Your blog is amazing...
Excited to see you boys roll into Lethbridge tomorrow!!!

5/29/2012 01:43:13 pm

All to jealous you are passing through LA tomorrow - wish I was there to cheer Scotty on to his first yellow jersey. A shame the old bike wasn't really the thing holding back the old brother..
Poor guy must feel like Gump how he can't win early on..but I don't see the role reversal a la Gump for Scotty. Be there for moral support Scotty - you are the glue that holds them together...

5/30/2012 04:04:15 pm

i love reading this blog its awesome and you guys are awesome

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