Fitting words from one of the Mackinnon Boys heroes Baha's youngest child John Munro. 

I remember when my dad came home from his office one afternoon many years ago complaining that he had fallen down some steps near his office. The same steps that he had jogged down countless times before on his way to the office . That was the 1st sign of PD for my dad . He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PD. Here's an olympic athlete , a man capable of running circles around most other people , and in  just a few short years my dad's brain could not tell his own legs to walk .My dad had a great sense of humor and laughed at all his falls . Some days baha would fall 200 times . My mom bought him elbow and knee pads but it was useless. It was just a matter of time before our father became wheel chair bound for his remaining days .One of the worst thing's that PD did to our father was to take his communication skills away from us .  His speech was slurred due to the disease which made it almost impossible to understand him  . Here was one of the smartest men i've ever known torn to pieces in a matter of a few short years .It was devastating for my mom  and all of us children to watch this terrible disease kill our father. 
So Mac bro's i salute you in your efforts to raise money by crossing Canada on your bikes and my dad's bike . I hope you reach your goal of raising 40k for Team Fox.I hope someday a cure can be found to spare future families from the terrible pain and sadness that all of us Munro's had to endure with your Baha.... 

Take care   ,
Love uncle John 

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