Scotty Mac back again. Sorry this is so long but we are using this as our day-to-day journal as well. Also with the jet leg I have been up at three am each morning so this is keeping me entertained.

 My version of Positives and Negatives so far this trip:

Positive: For the last couple of days Ryan and Ross have laid off of referring to me as the Old  Peter Pan from Hook and saying things like, “ Your doing it Peter, Your biking with us” and pinching my cheeks and saying “ Peter, is that really you?.

Negative: After finishing over a KM behind the boys going over Alison’s Pass and cramping up, they have changed my nickname to (For all you Disney Fans) Shadow, the wise, stubborn old dog from Homeward Bound whose body has failed him and just has no gas left in the tank. They spent 20KM today cycling behind me in tandem with Ryan in my left ear and Ross on my right, bouncing quotes from the movie off each other, with the amount of squealing and giggling, I assume it was quite entertaining for them.

Positive: Russ is hilarious. I admire his persistence. He has no problem throwing 10 terrible, unfunny jokes out there just to find the one that is solid gold. When he knows which one that is he recycles it until it is dead and then uses another 10 jokes to find his next winner. He has no fear of people not laughing and I admire that about him.

Negative: He talks to everything. We bike past a farmer’s field and Russ has a five minute dialogue with the cows, We see a mountain goat and Russ now has a best friend to throw ideas at for the next half an hour. One of my favorite moments so far this trip is when we were making the big decision to push through to Princeton from Manning Park. Russ obviously wiped, asked, “How his guys were doing:” I was facing the opposite direction and turned to answer Russ thinking he was asking the others and myself. Russ was bent over at the hips speaking with his thighs. We all died laughing. He now constantly references his quads as “his guys” and his hamstrings as “his girls”.

Positive: The neatest thing about the trip so far for all of us has been the chance to tell our story.  For the last 5 years I think all of us can agree that we have not talked about Baha and his meaning to us enough. It has been inspiring to get back to conversing about him not only with strangers but also with ourselves. People are so interested when we tell them about Baha’s two old bikes, and are quite impressed we are riding them across the country, as they are not the most “Gucci” bikes. Every person we talk to regarding Baha, we have started to hand out our Biking for Baha Pamphlets and stickers to. I think they appreciate this, I know Ryan does as he has been carrying them and they must weigh about 30 pounds.

Negative: We decided to be completely transparent about this trip. So sorry if this offends anyone. Yesterday when Ross was coming out of the shower we noticed a big bruise on his butt. For anyone that knows Russ he could possibly be the most worrisome person ever. For the last day all I have heard about is his butt and how he thinks something is seriously wrong. Obviously I kept telling Russ they were just saddle sores, but he was not having it. Finally he approached me shyly and asked me to I-Phone picture his butt so he could see it and get some peace of mind. I reluctantly agreed just so he would stop complaining. So in the Middle of our Haynes Point Campground, I was on my knees, I-Phone in hand, trying to get the right angle as Ross held up his cheeks, pants to his ankles chirping about how cold it was and how he hoped he wasn’t damaged permanently. When out of nowhere an elderly couple walked around the bend to within 20 feet of us, their eyes almost popped out of their heads! Russ shamelessly fired his pants on and fled into the bushes while I was left on the ground to wave and say hi, I-Phone in hand!

Positive: I now know why they call it beautiful BC. This place is spectacular. The vast diversity of landscapes is stunning. We are seriously lucky to be from such a gorgeous part of the world.

Negative: I have been skunked so far in the yellow jersey competition and this could possibly be the worst thing ever. I gave it a good go yesterday trying to get the jump start on Ryan but he came flying past me at the end with Neville on his tail and beat me by about 100 metres. This was quite demoralizing. As my brothers have failed to mention in previous blogs, I am riding Baha’s most chronologically gifted bike. It looks like a city cruiser and it turn makes it seem as though I am sitting up or running. “Run Scotty Run” (Forrest Gump) is a constant comment. Needless to say the bike is not built for speed. Anytime we go down a hill or hit wind, it feels as though I have taken 100 Mike Tyson body shots, Naturally Russ jumps in behind me and drafts, as I am the perfect shield. I am working twice as hard as them just to keep up and it is killing me.

I need to win the Yellow Jersey soon. We are a very competitive group by nature as all brothers are. The advantage I have had over the years is I am the eldest, which means all the rest of them have always had older brother syndrome. For example I have been bigger, stronger and older for their entire lives and I have not let them forget that. Ryan and I have played furiously intense one on one basketball games since he was old enough to compete. He has been more athletic and a more talented player than me since he was a senior in high school, however because I beat it in to him when he was younger that I always won, that I was the winner, even to this day, I would somehow find a way to win as eventually in our games Ry’s mentality would resort to when he was in Grade 6 and I was in Grade 12. He would get older brother syndrome and convince himself I was better! With these first five losses in our trip, I have seen this begin to change in all of them, I need to change something soon and make sure these boys know they must respect their elders! Older Brother Syndrome must come back and it must come back soon. I NEED TO WIN! 

5/24/2012 02:06:58 am

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!!! You 4 are hilarious. Hang in there - B.C. is the worst as far as steep terrain. After this it will be much easier. Deirdre

5/24/2012 10:41:20 pm

stay strong Scotty. I'm sure it is just the jetlag that is making you fall behind EVERY SINGLE TIME. getting older doesn't make you slower or weaker, look at pro athletes very similar to yourself. they always peak after they hit 30. you're golden, i see a yellow jersey coming on quick

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