My boy the Big Dawg Richy Humps, who is the greatest story teller of all time sorted us out in Med Hat with immaculate Steaks at any hour of the morning, a huge breakfast with anything you could have ever wanted, laughter all night long as I heard familiar stories of his battles with his brother and we got to watch him and Jeff Harold disagree about everything which truly made me feel at home. Richy, easily the most loyal teammate I ever had, finally locked down superstar Janice after way too long and I am so happy for them. Seeing Rich with his Coaldale boys makes me want to get back in touch and spend more time with the guys (Like Humps) I played university with. The guy bleeds passion and if Med Hat College was smart they would rip up every other application on their desk and hire Hump as their new Men's Basketball Coach. You will not get a better competitor or leader! Richy you truly are the BIG DAWG! I promise I will not fall off the face of the earth again.

Scotty and the Mackinnon Boys
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