Almost 10 days removed from the lovely Doris Indome of Winnipeg and Captaine Charles from Kenora, we have had a rough go hitting the halfway point of our trip. We were in need of something special to boost morale when we arrived in Thunder Bay, we needed to feel like we were home, after seeing each other every minute of every day for the last month, we needed to feel like we were around family and friends AND That is exactly what we got at the Britton’s place in Thunder Bay! 

I believe that all the mothers that have had a huge impact on my life and on this trip have a maternal instinct that they just cannot ignore. (My mom has this more than anyone) Someone needs help and they are automatically there.  I have had the privilege of experiencing this at home in Comox with my second mom Mrs. Bev McDonald and many times on this trip with Mama Morrison and Doris. In Thunder Bay, more so than ever we needed that compassionate, considerate, thoughtful mother figure that would help us get back on our feet. We got that in Janice Britton, a lady who went out of her way for us without ever thinking twice. We will be eternally grateful to her for what she did for us.

Janice’s 3rd son John Britton (The next Cross-Fit Champion of Asia-You heard it hear first) and Scotty’s buddy from Manila orchestrated everything from across the pond, setting us up with an unforgettable experience in Thunder Bay. Thanks John, We owe you big time!

The night in Thunder Bay was wonderful; we spent it laughing at father Art’s great storytelling ability and feeling like we were a part of this welcoming family. Janice and Art’s daughter Katie helped us with everything setting up a Face Time conversation with John, sorting out Sean’s bike and just being a blast to be around. We hope we catch up with her in Ottawa for Canada Day.  Eldest son Chucks’ early morning bike tour of Port Arthur, Fort William and all of Thunder Bay was unreal while his helpfulness gave us a unique perspective of what real Thunder Bay hospitality is all about. The 2nd and youngest sister Meghan (Ha ha) and her husband Pete not only fixed Sean’s bike. (If you are in Thunder Bay head to Cycle Path, great bike store owned by a great family), but their daughter Sofia showed us a killer Zoomba move that we are going to use to try and get on Ellen. Last but not least Kathy and Dave were so fun to be around, informative of the Lake Superior area and introduced us to Kathy’s parents, Peggy (Thanks for the delicious cookies) and our new hero Hugh McIntyre, who you will hear about later.

Could not have asked for a more rejuvenating experience of family and friends!

The Mackinnon Boys

The Mackinnon Boys in front of Hoito's with Janice, Art, Katie and Chuck Britton. 
The best pancake Scotty has ever ate! So Fire Starter Ronnie from Mountain View, Alberta the "Special" moves to number 2.
9/23/2012 01:48:06 pm

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