Ryan Mac here, We just wanted to say a big thank you to one of my best friends from Victoria’s family.  Doris, Frank, Jennifer, Melissa and Matthieu Indome for being so amazing to us.  I lived with Cyril for a year and I can now say he definitely did not have the same cooking skills as his mother.  Doris you were very welcoming, hospitable, entertaining and unbelievably fun to be around! You were far to kind and definitely gave us a motherly figure who we were in dire needs of.  Jennifer, Melissa and Matthieu you guys are amazing and are going to do big things in the future both academically and athletically! You guys are welcome to the Comox Valley whenever you want!  Cyril we missed you big guy(Matthieu is tougher and a better athlete, sorry to break the news)!

The feast, tour of Winnipeg and fun we had with you guys has rejuvenated our spirits! 

Thank you so much 

The Mackinnon Boys

9/23/2012 05:26:17 pm

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