The Prairie skies are something we all love. They go on FOR-EV-ER!
Manitoba, Here we come.
Russ's combination of flags, cowboy hats, and stickers on his bike.
Trying to get the train to honk its horn, a regular occurrence on the prairies.
Scotty wins his 2nd Province
Ryan winning Sidney
The sky again... It goes on and on and on.
Manitoba Sign: Fourth province
Trans-Canada Highway and Grain Elevators
Scotty's text to us at 6:20 am in the morning.
Romantic Prairie Sunset
Cheesy Shot!
6/10/2012 02:29:08 am

upsets do happen in life Scott, Manny P. lost last evening in a very controversial split decision!!

6/10/2012 08:36:16 am

I hear ya Hughy. Crazy decisions indeed. I blame my wife's brother who had a wedding on the same night of Manny's fight. Some Filipino he is!!
Way to go SMA-BRAP. I fear you have woken the beasts within of your brothers. Future province scores....SMA-BRAP 0-7. Im glad I taught you well Scotty

6/11/2012 01:13:44 am

Ross....Mychaela can't believe you are wearing that toque (yes, that is a prairie word!) in your cheesy picture!!!! And...nice that you guys are finally appreciating the beauty of those endless Prairie skies!!

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