John Crockford(AKA JBJ) is a great friend of the MacKinnon family.  Known for being outgoing, loud and boisterous,  he has made a significant impact on all of the MacKinnon boy's lives and has truly become one of our own.  Even beyond the countless amount of good deeds this amazing man has done for our family there is one thing that we have been truly inspired by.  His innate ability to grow an unbelievably rugged grizzly beard.  He might be the hairiest guy we know, or have seen to this date prior to the Grizzly we saw a few days back.  This has inspired us boys to try and honour our good friend by having a grow off.  Our proposal is the MacKinnon's will grow their beards over the next two months until arriving home in Comox.  We invite others to do so as well, and on our arrival home we will announce the winner of the JBJ Facial Hair Challenge.

Here are the rules for entry below:
-25 dollar entry fee(Donation online to MJFOX Foundation through our site)
-All contestants must enter by Sunday, June 3rd.
-You must e-mail your first picture by June 4th(Clean Shaven)

-Winner will be announced when we hit Nova Scotia. (Last picture must be emailed to us by July 16th)
-Any type of facial hair goes(Moustache, Goatee, Handlebars, Scotty Mac Classic Chinstrap, etc.)

Winner will receive(Will be voted by Scotty, Sean, Ross and Ryan- Tiebreaker will be from Harri our hero from Grand Forks):
-Signed Biking for Baha shirt from the Mac Bros
-Mac Bros Bball Camp Jersey 2012
-A 24 pack of something that rhymes with "Cousin Bucky"
-An original "Rusty" full piece biking leotard that has swam in the Atlantic.

Thank you and let us know as soon as possible.

5/28/2012 07:44:14 am

How come JBJ is the only one smiling? Oh, he already 'has' a beard!!! Good luck to you four....we'll spread the word!

5/28/2012 03:16:10 pm

Regarding old age creeping up on you SCott, remember the following:

"In youth we run into difficulties,
in old age,
difficulties run into us."

5/29/2012 06:40:25 pm

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Maybe it's the photo, but he looks adorable here. I'm actually kinda liking the hair, and the smile, most definitely. :)

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