This page is for people who have anything from suggestions, comments, well-wishes, stories about Baha and Grandma Mary, route recommendations, lodging recommendations, sponsorship and fundraising ideas, experiences with Parkinson's or anything that you feel needs to be commented on. Please don't be shy we would love to hear from you. 
Lisa, Marc, Nathan and Matthew Rutten
5/14/2012 09:20:20 am

Good luck Mackinnon boys!

We will be raising money for you in the next couple of months through lemonade stands and bottle drive and our parents will match our $$. Our grandpa has Parkinson's so we fully understand this worthy cause and think your awesome for biking for Baha!!!
See you at the basketball camp in the summer :)
Nathan and Matthew Rutten

Mac Bros
5/26/2012 01:17:13 pm

Wow! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the support and cannot wait to see you at the camp at the end of July. See you soon!

10/23/2012 07:51:26 pm

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5/15/2012 11:21:02 am

You guys are inspiring thinking of others not yourselves!
As for order of finish, I put my money on Ross - 1st, Sean - 2nd, Ryan- 3rd and the old man Scott -4th. Enjoy Wawa, Saskatchewan!

1/2/2013 03:25:35 pm

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1/2/2013 04:02:19 pm

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John Britton
5/19/2012 05:27:27 pm

Amazing Scottie and crew!

Get in contact with me, you will have a place to stay in Thunder Bay (almost exactly half way) and I have a cousin with a bike shop who I will be sure will help you out with anything you could possibly need.

Good luck!

10/18/2012 10:59:00 pm

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Leslie Davidson
5/20/2012 11:37:01 am

Hi Guys,
This may be a repeat but my first posting isn't showing up. If your route is Hwy.3 through the southern interior we would love to host you in Grand Forks, BC . Good friend runs the local bike shop, VW parked in the carport, and I am a Queen's grad 1972...both kids went to U Vic. Lots of room both inside the house and in the yard. Food, showers, small town hospitality.
Leslie in Grand Forks

Mac Bros
5/26/2012 01:18:51 pm

Hi Leslie!,

Thanks so much for the offer. We read the offer just after we took off from Grand Forks. (We are new to this whole website thing) You are too kind. Anyways, hope all is well in beautiful Grand Forks. Thanks again, the Mackinnon brothers.

Leslie Davidson
5/28/2012 03:37:43 am

Sorry to have missed you but it sounds like Harry did the Grand Forks honours in style. Best of luck, gentlemen, and thank you so much. PD is a pain in the ass! If you are ever back this way, there is always room for you. I laughed at your reference to your old hippy dad. Our kids can relate!

5/21/2012 04:38:40 am

Sent a message before but not sure if you got it... Anyway you should all be proud of yourselves for doing this ride for Parkinsons. We wish you a safe journey and the winds always at your backs!!!
Deirdre and Stewart

2/12/2014 01:44:26 pm

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Janie and company
5/21/2012 11:55:15 am

Glad you guys are still smiling...and haven't decided to go to PEI by four separate routes :-). I"m sure you'll keep tabs on the website and emails as I believe there are a number of people looking for shower/bed sites for you along the way!!! If you have to share a tent..I'm sure every opportunity to catch a warm shower will help you to keep up the laughter!!! Wishes for warm weather...but not too warm! J

Kailey Dodd
5/22/2012 02:10:28 pm

Looks like you guys are having a good time! I've been reading and checking up on this blog everyday and it is truly inspirational what you guys are doing :) Keep up the good work and see you on the home stretch!

2/4/2014 06:47:20 pm

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Jordan Mottl
5/22/2012 11:15:50 pm

Gents - Good on you! I will be biking 15k to work this morning... no big deal. Very cool tribute to someone special. I'll be sure to get on a donation after pay day.

Scotty - I know the blog post about you running for your life from the bear is a complete fabrication. Obviously someone has hacked your blog and is recklessly posting nonsense. May I suggest some security... a firewall or something? You sir, would never run from a bear.

Stay safe fellas, enjoy those down-hills!

10/8/2012 02:55:34 pm

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Lindsay Moritz
5/23/2012 04:20:19 am

Inspirational tunes?

Phil Garber
5/28/2012 04:02:39 pm

You guys are unreal! We've been following your blog ever since the hilarious night of charades. Go show those Rockies who's boss!
- Haig I.A., Hope

Ryan MacKinnon
5/31/2012 03:05:13 am

Thanks buddy! We miss you guys already, hope the season is working out for you guys and you make some good cash this summer! Also, be nice to Tim, I don't want to see him all soft coming back to school next year. Maybe make him do a few more pushups so he can bulk up a bit. Thanks again for everything you guys did for us! Talk soon, Ryan.

6/1/2012 08:50:10 am

Thought of the day:
"Remember, go to other people's funerals
they will not come to yours!" - Yogi Berra

6/8/2012 04:31:34 pm

look forward to your arrivalin winnipeg

Wendy Prothero
6/13/2012 08:16:29 am

Fantastic that you guys are now in Ontario. Enjoy Lake of the Woods and REST!! Have been in touch with our MP's office in Ottawa, a good way to get publicity if the house is still sitting when you get there. We are all so proud of your efforts!! Watch for the moose going along Lake Superior! All the best, Cheers!

Noah Lewis
6/15/2012 01:58:08 am

Hey guys, just wanted to say that you guys are the most inspirational group of guys I know. Keep on goin, what your doing is truly amazing!

See you guys this summer!

Cameron Janssen
6/15/2012 06:10:36 am

You guys inspire me so much! Your truly amazing and Good Karma will come to you!

Ben Compton
6/19/2012 02:36:42 am

Keep on trucking! Hope the sun is shining and the wind is at your backs! Great thing you guys are doing, love the blog!

Mama(Kathie Mac)
6/21/2012 08:06:45 am

Hello Mac Bros-my sons!...I just received a beautiful letter from Ray and Lil(Indian Head)! What a wonderful couple to open up their home to you all--and giving you such a warm welcome to four brothers from BC.Pretty incredible! A wonderful article in the Indian Head--(Wolseley)-about Roys meeting of four brothers going across Canada.Roy looks so much like Gord Moore(and felt it could have been Gord Moore in a different province)giving what Gord does best! (to others)Two very similar guys across Canada-Hope all is going well--guys and wanting to read the next blog! Keep smiling,keep pedaling and keep that brotherley love happening!

Nathan and Matthew
6/23/2012 04:41:02 am

Hi Mac Bros,

Nathan and Matthew here. We wanted to let you know that we raised $379.02 for team "Biking for Baha" over the past month. We held a lemonade stand, a bottle drive, sold beaded bracelets at the school entrepreneur fair and recieved some donations from friends (Mom and Dad also matched our fund raising which really helped). Keep up the great work. We love reading your Blog and keeping up to date on the Mac Bro anitcs.

Nathan and Matthew

ann lewis
6/28/2012 06:39:48 am

Hi boys, my class just finished their three days of pancake breakfasts at Aspen. On our last day of school today our count is somewhere around the $680 mark. (A whole lotta pancakes!) The Lewis family will top that up to $1000 for the cause. Wendy Wiwchar has donated a very cool Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey to raffle at the b-ball camp this summer. (Sam is down for 50 tickets- he wants it bad! ) Ann

Angela Nickerson McNally
7/15/2012 04:39:28 am

Wow, wow, wow! I just got done checking out your page and I'm overwhelmed with emotion. Your grandpa "Baha" is so proud of you guys, he's no doubt with you through this journey. I work for a Newcap Broadcasting radio station in Charlottetown, PEI...Ocean 100 and Hot 105.5. We ran your story in our news and I was so inspired I had to talk about you guys on my Sunday show. I plugged your site in hopes you make your goal! Looks like you guys thoroughly enjoyed the Island, the oysters will keep ya coming back:) Enjoy Halifax, another fab city. You guys are really something (and all so damn good looking I might add!). Thanks for making a difference. I will donate. You made my day! All the best. Angela

Benjamin Perry
7/15/2012 04:54:38 am

hey there i have to say this really is an inspirational idea and journey u guys are making. I have been dreaming of doing a smaller scale of this by bicycling west to east cape of pei like u guys did. Any tips for me?
I have crohns disease and have been through a lot cause of it and want to spread more awareness it by doing this . i would love to expand it to going across country

7/16/2012 01:32:27 am

We are so enjoying the blog and the photos of PEI and Nova Scotia are just fabulous and making me a bit home sick for parts of Canada where I spent significant time, junior high and university. You are doing so much for the Parkinson's community, raising the profile and giving us hope. I hope you know just how grateful we are . You should feel so proud of your accomplishment. Have fun in Halifax, what a great city!! Look forward to welcoming you home to Comox. Cheers and all the best Wendy and George

7/18/2012 05:54:45 am

Congratulations to all four of you for completing this crazy adventure to bring awareness about Parkinson disease around Canada!

I've been following your adventures as I got word from an old friend in VI (as I'm a fellow VIU/Mal-U alum) and they knew that I now worked at the Parkinson Alberta Soceity in Calgary.

Again congratulations, I have enjoyed following your journey!

7/20/2012 06:20:17 am

Congrats Boys! I am so proud of you all. To see your shaggy, skinny bodies all dirtied and beaten at Marina park after almost 3 months on a bike almost brought a tear to my eye. Sorry i couldn't stick around longer. I was beat tired and had an early morning a head of me. You guys are a once in a lifetime family and I feel lucky to have grown up with you!
Couldn't be more proud,
Your buddy,
Crotchly :)

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