Sask What!
Scotty saw his first pronghorn ever. He was so pumped. We heard him talk about Lethbridge for another 3 hours after this.
Da boys with the Buffalo herd
Our 3rd Province
Scotty with the Buffalion
The Moomel
A real Buffalo
Big Big animals
Naturally Saskatchewan
Sask Flag/Canadian Flag/Sticker making our bikes like Hughie Mac's Van.
Gull Lake painful end for Scotty 
6/5/2012 03:54:27 am

I feel for you Scotty, I feel for you. It is tragic that you could not complete your provincial domination. So close.
I'm sure 1/9 provinces won't disappoint you. I'm also sure that after your little backstabbing (SHOCKING) your brothers wouldn't conspire to all take 3 or 2 victories...leaving you as the BIG LOSER.
A real tear has been you need a brown shoelace? ~(^-^)/

8/19/2012 04:50:44 pm

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