Russ and Ryan- The stare down.
Ronny Lancaster 46,710 Passing yards from Mosiac Stadium sign
Find Ry Mac
Scotty thought this was a coyote as well
With our one of a kind cousin Miss Jessica Lynch at the Parliament buildings.
Neville showing his athletic ability. Doing something we could never do.
Football Hand Off
Andy Rickaby
6/8/2012 04:11:36 am

Hey MacKinnon Brothers,
I am a former C.V. resident and have known your family for years. I don't remember meeting Baha but had many conversations with your folks and met you guys when you were much younger. You are a special bunch indeed. Believe me when I say we are behind you 110%. I was diagnosed with PD 3 years ago at 44 years of age. So far so good, no meds and lots of support. I cycled in the Tour de Rock in 2010 in support of childhood cancer research and know the rigors of daily cycling, but with a goal, even the toughest days are manageable and rewarding. Have an incredible journey and thanks so much. We'll look for your folks at Music Fest. Stay safe.
Andy and Noella Rickaby
Nanaimo B.C.

8/19/2012 04:50:38 pm

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