In the morning we were lucky enough to have Driver Doris and the crew take us on a great tour of Winnipeg.  For someone who has only been to the city during the winter it was nice to see it from a different vantage point.  We literally got the full in depth of the entire city and were seriously surprised.  I can now give Cyril props for living there, however, he I can’t back him up that he is from the “ghetto” neighbourhood of Winnipeg.

After getting some bike repairs and some gear sorted out in the Peg city.  We took off around 2:30 PM on route to Falcon Lake.  It is hilarious to see what is happening to our bikes.  For anyone who doesn’t know our dad(Hughie MacKinnon) he has always been a proud owner of a Volkswagen Van.  His van is always diverse in decorations.  Literally a garage sale on wheels, with any sort of 2nd grade and weird vintage trinkets.   It is shocking how much our bikes are now resembling Hughie’s vans.  “Like father, like son”, I guess.  Ross has suddenly become a flag hoarder, Sean Neville has been constantly updating his bike with each new trendy sticker from province to province and Scotty has been taking pins from every tourist booth he can find.  I swear we have now added around 20 pounds each to our bikes.

Morale was high when we were weaving in and out of Winnipeg traffic.  Fully fed and mechanically tuned for a push through Ontario.  On the way out, Russ was devastated when we stopped for a water break after he realized he had dropped one of his precious sandals.  A car pulled over, to tell us that his sandal was around five kilometers back on the road.  Russ was in a glass case of emotion, surrounded by the fear of wearing his shoes 24/7 for the rest of the trip.  Around 15 kilometers down the road, as we were pulling away from the city Russ was shockingly quiet.  A car then pulled over in front of us around a kilometer ahead.  All of us shoulder-checking to avoid traffic looked forward to see a glimpse of Rusty’s sandal teasing him outside of the window.  At that moment, I saw the joy in Rusty’s eyes comparable to when he first laid eyes on Amy Mcdonald in grade 6 ( Amy we are sorry we missed you in Calgary).  I think Rusty’s sandals might be taking over the Booties!

         Today was one of the rainiest days yet.  There was thunder, lightning and a downpour for over three hours straight.  As frugal and cheap us MacKinnon’s are, we didn’t realize how important making spending the extra buck on waterproof gear would be.  We spent the entire night ringing out our clothes and drying our bags.  Sean Neville looked like a wet dog, Russ looked like a homeless pussycat and Scotty’s entire body was similar to your hands when you are in a hot tub for a couple hours.  The guy looked like a raisin! Luckily, our morale has been surprisingly high during these rainy days.  I think it might be because we are finally making a dent on this country.  Ontario tomorrow.  Love you bye.  Ryan

6/12/2012 02:21:08 pm

Glad you got your sandal back Ross but I'd keep those booties handy for a while yet... Wow, 4 provinces under your belts/bikes/butts. Keep up the good work - and your spirits. You guys really rock!!! Deirdre

Andy Watson
6/13/2012 05:46:39 am

Guys, you're doing a great job! Keep it going. Glad to see you're getting media interest in every province - looking forward to continuing to hear about your jersey through this hilariously entertaining and informative blog. When you're in Ontario, make sure you stop at the Heart and Crown pub in Ottawa and The Trasheteria in Peterborough if you can. Keep up the great work. Truly inspiring.

9/23/2012 01:47:14 pm

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