The Boys at the real Ontario Sign.
Neville and the phantom Ontario Sign
Kenora's own Mike Richards won the Stanley Cup on the night we were there. We went out and watched the game. The kid had a little support 
Operation Ontario in full effect.
Kenora, WOW is all we can say.
Fantastic hosts Charles and Romy Paterson cruising around the Lake of the Woods.
Sean Neville loving the Scenery
Cray Fishing on the Lake of the Woods. Scotty and Russ are true outdoors men.
Swimming in the Lake of the Woods!
Marc Ralph's cabin is absolutely gorgeous! 
Brother Russ sending his love out to former colleague Town of Comox employee of the month Jared Hendry.
6/14/2012 06:17:21 pm

The stories keep getting better boys. Glad you have plent of good times between the downpours and Ryan's lack of closing out provinces. Sounds like LeBron more and more!
Awesome to hear you made the top 5 of team Fox too! Keep on rocking it!

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