The day began with quite the predicament. We had two options:

1)  Bike for 10 hours

2)   Stay with Charles and Romy Paterson and cruise around a beautiful lake on a boat.

Rusty was set on hitting the road, Ry was neutral and Scotty and I were leaning towards a rest day.  We could not come to a decision until I got a phone call that I was looking for. One of my long time best friend Charles and family Romy(who Ryan has been friends with since grade two), Warren Parterson and their mother Serena from the Comox Valley were in Kenora which had an island cabin out on the lake for us to stay at for the night.  Charles was already on his way to pick us up from the docks on his boat for a tour and swimming. This brought our energy and moral up immensely as it easily made our decision easy. We left our bikes in the garage of the super 8 hotel. (Which we couldn’t thank enough for there generosity) and made our way downtown to meet up with Charles, Romy and her boyfriend Mark. It was beautiful out!  The day was gorgeous, Blue skies with patches of cloud. Eventually, we hit Safeway to get smokies, buns and chips for the bomb fire later compliments of Charles. Thank you!

          We hit the lake. Cruising through the lake of woods was unreal, the boat houses look big enough to live in but then you see the real mansions poke out of the trees like a 6 foot 5 Scotty Mac in the Philippines. First we hit Marks cabin which sat up on stilts and over looked the glassiest bay of water I have ever seen. Scotty jumped in the lake first followed shortly by Ryan and I. It was absolutely freezing! We swam straight back to the dock fighting over the ladder to get out but Ryan had other plans. He was above us on the dock pushing us back in. Scrambling to get out Scotty and I looked like dogs on ice, getting nowhere till Charles came to the rescue charging Ryan. Once Ryan saw him coming he didn’t even think twice and voluntarily jumped in.

         We toured around the lake seeing the Paterson’s old cabin where they grow up and their relative’s places which were unbelievably nice. We arrived to Serenas Cabin around 4:30 and got to relax. It was so calm out there; all you could hear was the wind blowing through the trees. I decided I wanted to make a bit of money, so I bet Russ twenty dollars that I would swim across to a neighbour island pick up a rock acknowledge it stare Russ in the eyes then swim back also Warren bet me a dollar to bring the rock back to the dock.  Smarter than Russ it was only a dollar and he got a rock. Easy 21 dollars for the big guy! We had an amazing stay at the cabin consisting of a bomb fire, weenie roast, fishing, and got to hang out with an awesome family.

Thanks to the Patersons!

- Charles my longtime friend since grade five. Thanks for everything, you made our stay in Kenora. I’ll be keeping you posted on the trip and let’s definately meet up when I’m back.The boat rides were unreal.  

-Romy thanks for the fun times. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with you. Was great to hear about your new life in Winnpeg but we will miss you on the west. Thanks for everything!(Ryan can’t stop talking about how great it was to see you!!)

-Warren I haven’t seen you for forever and it was great to finally catch up. Thanks so much for the monkey fist and I’m sorry I left it behind. I hope Charles grabbed it so I can get it from him when I’m home.

-Serena thank you for being sure a great hostess and taking us in to your beautiful cabin. Great to meet you and hopefully we will meet again.

-Mark had a blast big guy! Thanks for putting up with us Mackinnon’s! Was awesome to meet you and hope to see you in Comox or Vancouver one day

Sean Neville

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