Ryan here.

Let me be an artist for you and paint a picture for you comparing yesterday to today.  I will give you a quick and brief comparison of our days.  This is what happened yesterday briefly:

-Beautiful blue sunny skies accompanied with a warm twenty degrees and a 20-km/hr tail wind

-Unbelievable meals (pancakes, bacon, sausages, gourmet sandwiches)

- Scotty and myself had our first experience biking in just spandex, shirts off and mocking countless drivers going past us in our gross horse jockey bodies.

-Rusty was drinking an Ice-Capp while biking

-Sean Neville was chugging water and spitting it in his hair over his head.

***Our arrogance and the biking gods caught up to us, WE GOT CHECKED*****

Today’s Events:

-Around 4:30 AM we woke to a waterfall of water seeping through our thirty dollar tents from a downpour.(Big thank you to the Plays Plat First Nation who let us camp on their land for free, far too nice to us boys!!!!!!)  Scotty was sleeping literally in the middle of a puddle.
-We had to carry wet clothes/tents/sleeping bags and Rusty’s wounded heart from previous relationships up and down massive Canadian Shield hills. 

-We reached a town called Shreiber around 10:30 AM and pushed through a torrential rainstorm. While biking for almost 45 minutes uphill, with the intense headwind we had hail/golf balls smashing us in the face.  At one point I saw Sean Neville biking with a sweater tied around his head, biking on pure instinct.

-Around an hour later we started descending into a town called Terrace Bay, which I later named Can’tseeanythingmorethanthreefeetinfrontofyouville, Ontario.  It was mayhem, Fog literally kept us from moving on.  Our bags were soaked, faces were mangled from the monster storm and bodies were hurting.  Eventually Scotty, Sean and Russ realized that when they couldn’t see me behind them it was time to call it.  Mom, you would be proud of us!  We called our day after deeming it to unsafe to move on.  The entire trip we have battled rain, hail, wind, heat, bugs, rumble strips, torrential downpours, bears, mountains, biking gods and now the fog was the first to stop us.

**After today I realized that each of us are struggling in our own ways.  After 32 days of biking, we have finally hit a brick wall.  We need help!  Our fundraising has hit a stalemate, the country has finally bested us and Rusty has stopped singing***

Here are some of our own struggles:

Scotty Mac:  His clothes have begun to grow mold and are literally soaked the entire time.  I have seen Scotty put on clothes which might be often be mistaken for Goat’s Cheese.  His raingear is ripped, face is burnt and has slowly stopped putting Dippity Doo in his hair.(Something must be wrong)

Sean Neville: Over the past week Sean has developed “Cartoon Stink Lines”, literally in real life.  So now wherever he goes, a massive stink cloud follows him.  His hair resembles a pig. One that has rolled around in dirt, laid in the sun for hours and then repeated that three or four times.  It is matted in dirt.  Someone get this muppet some “Herbal Essences”.

Rusty: Our guy has been struggling with our lifestyle.  A young man who has been blessed with Kathie Mac’s cooking for over six months is finally fatiguing.  He misses the snug boundaries of his leather couch in Comox.  The tenting, biking, using any sort of energy lifestyle has slowly worn on his attitude.  I am worried about Rusty’s spirits going forward.

Ryan MacK: (written by Rusty). Ry has been the leader of the pack throughout the trip, but has lately seen the back of the pack lately. Pulling such Scotty Mack moves as blaming his back tire, Sean Neville moves by claiming he hasn’t eaten enough and has pulled my move by sleeping 3 hours a day more then normal. I am afraid that Ry is starting to draw from all of our negative characteristics. We need our guy to fire it up!

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