Sean Neville here to tell everyone the story of our fourth day into the wild. I’ll start by telling about how bad my body hurts from head to toe. I feel like a Thai kick boxer has been training day and night on both legs.  Scotty’s decision to push through to Princeton yesterday almost put me in a coma. We arrived in Princeton to another foot-long sub and booster juice, which we deserved! We came to the conclusion after dinner that we were going to walk our bikes to the camp ground as not one us were willing to get back on our seats. As we left Scotty disappeared across the street to come back five minutes later after weaseling his way into a forty-five dollar motel room.  We were all super pumped to be able to shower and share one queen bed between the four of us. Big thanks to the Villager Motel for being so friendly and hooking us up. We hit the pub to celebrate our arrival in an unlikely MacKinnon fashion, split a pitcher and were knocked out by 1130.


I woke up this morning nervous about what to expect after yesterday but the day started off good with complimentary breakfast. I don’t think the motel owners realized they were going to lose money because of our appetites as Russ and Ry devoured most of it. We hit the road which ended up all down hill at first which was new to us, Russ was singing, Scotty was up right on his bike as always which makes him look like he’s running not biking, Me and Ryan were laughing at him. We were on cloud nine! Scotty spotted two-mountain goat, standing on a rock face about 300 meters up from us. Instantly Russ was chanting at the goat to jump. Quote “Only one of us is walking out of here goat it’s either you or me”. It rained about an hour before noon then the sun started poking through the clouds. Scotty, Ryan and I were in our short and T’s but rusty would not take off he’s waterproof booty’s, pants which he had basketball shorts over top which made no sense to me at all. What a guy!

            We arrived in Hedley gold mining town which was so beautiful, had lunch then we pushed another 20km where we added to our international friends Emeric from France and girlfriend Sylviane. The Boys called him “Bizzaro” Sean because apparently we looked and acted alike?????????? They were relocating a camp van from Vancouver to Ottawa, which sounds unreal.  Awesome people, and adventurers who we hope to meet up with in Ottawa! They only have to pay hundred per week. What a deal!

            We finally arrived in Osoyoos at 5pm without any injures, fights, or bears.  It was really cool, as our Dad had mentioned that Baha used to being his entire family here for summer vacations to the same resort every year. (A reason we wanted to stop in Osoyoos), on the long descend to the Similkameen Valley was absolutely breath taking and we immediately realized why he did so. I was in my happy place! Our campsite was right on the lake so we decided to go down to the water to get some pictures of the sunset. While Ryan, Rusty and I were posing Ryan pulled my pants to my ankles as Scotty was taking the photo. I reached down to pulled up my pants and pulled my hammy.   Now I have a limp and am looking to get back at Ryan. Just another day in paradise! 

5/23/2012 11:24:10 am

You guys are doing something magical-powerful-inspirational and out of this world. Of all the families I have ever met, the MacKinnons are a tough bunch to crack and the strongest ones to push forward. I know the love you boys have inside you to carry on every single day-I'm proud of each and every one of you guys! Sending you love, hugs and spirit to always pedal forward

You have it in your power to make your days on Earth a path of flowers, instead of a path of thorns.
-- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

tamara currie

5/23/2012 02:53:39 pm

Take in our spectacular landscape that is Canada. Not many get to commute with nature as you are doing. It will try to defeat you but if you transcend beyond the pain and discomfort you will reach a place of spiritualism that will carry you across this land we are lucky to live in and become one with nature. And all this for a cause helping find a cure! We have become cranky creatures spoiled by our decadence. You boys are experiencing a cleansing of the mind and body with a connection to departed family members and friends. How cool is that. Remember them once in awhile and how fortunate you are being alive and connecting with nature everyday.
I'll leave you with one of my favourite quotes I have scotch taped up somewhere in my office:
'Some tombstones should read:
Died at 30 buried at 60.'

The MacKinnon boys are doing the opposite, living every minute. How smart, cool and how lucky you are.!!
- old Hugh

5/28/2012 05:52:17 pm

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