Ryan:  For me, Canada in Ottawa was pretty surreal to see.  To actually be right in front of the parliament buildings during a concert, fireworks and festivities was crazy.  It had a Vancouver Olympics type feel as red and white flooded the streets and literally the city filled with pride.  The part of the day that I enjoyed the most was not only seeing but also hearing people be patriotic.  Many times I got caught up in crowds of people singing the anthem on the streets, professing their love for Canada and proudly wearing red and white.   The setting in front of the parliament was super cool. People packed the square and couldn’t have made it a better experience for anyone Canadian or not.  I am very proud to say, “Je suis canadienne!!!”

RUSTY: I can honestly say that Canadians may be the friendliest people in the world. Over the last 45 days we have witnessed the beauty, ruggedness and diversity which is Canada, and have discovered the character of the people. I feel so lucky to have experienced this first hand and feel so lucky to be able to celebrate Canada day in our Nation’s capital. With everyone from toddlers to seniors celebrating the freedoms our country has! We, like any other country have our faults, but really would you rather live any where else?! Ottawa reminded me of the craziness that was the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. For hours we high fived thousands of people, belched the National anthem and took pictures with proud Canadians dressed up in their red and white attire! What an experience.  My favourite part was watching the fireworks at night that were right beside peace tower in awe. I’m sorry but Nautical Days in Comox just didn’t compare. I actually thought I was dreaming! Happy Canada day to all!

Neville:Today was full of high spirits, high fives, face painting, Canadian flags, people everywhere, beautiful historic buildings and even tourists.  The Ottawa streets were packed and we were in the middle of it all, our legendary tour guides Sean Ryan, roommate Ben and brother Mich took us all over the city. From socials at friend’s houses, to the Byward market, all over downtown to the parliament hill for the fireworks. We meant Aussie, Japanese, Filipinos and English dressed in the colors of our homeland. The fireworks were unbelievable and weather was humid to say the least. All I can say is that this was the greatest Canada day I have ever been to and I could not be more proud to be a Canadian. 

Scotty: My favorite part of Canada Day was watching the night concert on Parliament Hill and seeing thousands of proud Canadians singing our national anthem with pride. Many Europeans that I have traveled with have asked and joked about how young of a country Canada is and what is a true identity of a Canadian? I think it was shown on that day in Parliament Hill as people from all different ethnicities and backgrounds came together in a sea of red and white. Sometimes I am jealous of the patriotic nature of our sister country to the south, on Canada Day as Ryan led 3,000 people in a great rendition of “OH CANADA”, I quickly realized how patriotic we are all!

7/5/2012 10:54:39 am

Ryan, I like that you tried a little bit of french, it's so cute !! but you should know that Canadienne is the word for a girl who live in Canada; i'm a Canadienne, you are a Canadien ! :) Bonne fin de voyage !

8/3/2012 01:04:25 pm

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