Quebec has been extremely nice to us so far on our journey.  Spoiling us with unbelievable hosts, beautiful scenery, cool cities and countless free music festivals to boot.  However, today was at a whole other level.  Quebec city was on the horizon around 130 km from our cozy resting point behind the motel.  We set out pretty early in the morning as everything went without a hitch on our pack up before take off.  Ross was making “Snackies” with his eyes closed, Scotty sat on the lawn similar to his first two years playing ball for the U of L pronghorns and Sean Neville packed the tents in no time.  We were pretty happy with life as the sun was shining and we were flying down the coastline of the St. Lawrence.

The heat was by far our only problem throughout the day.  It was sweltering; it literally sucks the life out of you.  Our water breaks have turned to “Russ breaks” the past week.  I will try and make it very visual and as PG as possible.  Here is what happens.  We all pull over to the side of the road for about five minutes.  Russ, slowly veers off to the side of the road and immediately lets his body go limp.  Sean, Scott and I then quickly run to Rosco’s aid and cover him with the shade of our bodies like an umbrella.  Russ winces and breathes heavy as he lays there hopelessly.  The next few minutes all three of us focus on lowering his core temperature, feed him and improve his morale.  Sean focuses on spiritual techniques.  Sean barrages Ross with noise that could be found in a spa.  Scotty takes a towel and waves it back and forth trying to get some cool air around his body.  While I got the younger brother job, which consists of dabbing Rosco’s forehead with a “wet towellette”.  I can’t wait for it to get to a tolerable temperature.

To be honest, my knowledge of Quebec city was pretty limited until my best bud Cam McDonald tried out for an event last year.  He just missed out on the chance to compete in the “Red Bull Crashed Ice” which is basically a downhill ski course on hockey skates.  When trying out for the event in Vancouver, Cam had an amazing course time.  Unfortunately, he hit a cone in the final seconds of his time trial disqualifying him from any chance of making it.  Basically, this got me interested in Quebec City.  For the past 7 weeks I have been constantly thinking about how cool the city is going to be.  Quebec city’s “Old Town” is a walled city from when the French settled it back in the day.  With massive stonewalls encircling some of the coolest buildings you will ever see.  

To get to my reason for interest, Cam and I played hockey together everyday when we were growing up.  Outside of his house road hockey was like a fourth meal in a day.  It was mandatory.  In house hockey we were unstoppable.  Batman and Robin, Sonny and Cher, Jordan and Pippen.  This is until Cam’s skills skyrocketed and mine quickly declined.  He eventually ditched me for the prestigious Comox Valley Glacier Kings for an illustrious and coveted career. ( I have always stayed away from his career until he mentioned to me he was trying out for the Red Bull Crashed Ice)  I immediately offered to be his trainer/nutritionist/coach/mentor in hopes of seeing him succeed.   Basically, after seeing the streets and the entire course inside and out. I have studied every curve and every line that you need to be successful,   Cam, this is your last and final chance for me to finally help you get to Quebec City! I can help you improve your only skill you are lacking.  Attached above is a video from Mighty Ducks, Cam could never master the ability to stop in hockey.  Now I can teach him how! 

After strolling around the city, we moved on to the Festivel D’ete du Quebec.  A massive music fest that lies just to the south of the walled city.  The group LMFAO played with over 50,000 people within the concert venue.  For someone who has never been to a massive music festival it was quite the sight to see!  We were in the crowd jumping around and telling people our story.  We immediately made friends and had some pretty good music to rock out too.  Overall a pretty cool time, I have never experienced anything like it. Anyways, we are taking a rest day tomorrow to take in all of the historic sights.  I am way tooo excited!  Love you bye! Ryan

9/23/2012 01:43:23 pm

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