We left Eunice’s house in Sackville with full stomachs, but were very sad leaving such a loving and caring lady. We reminisced for the next hour biking about both our Grandmothers and how lucky we are to have them in our lives!. Prince Edward Island awaited us and it was by far the most mysterious Province out of all to us westcoast boys.

Over the first 55 days there has been an ongoing joke that has absolutely killed me. My good friend Kris “the Bigshow” Carver has been a huge supporter of our trip since the day we announced we were doing it in April. I have received numerous messages from Kris in regards to sending us care packages, meeting us certain places and trying to set us up with accommodation across Canada. Partly due to our lack of organization and not sticking with our itinerary, nothing ever panned out. So for 56 days, any time I had an idea or recommendation for ANYTHING, the boys would ask if “Carver was hooking us up?”  It absolutely drove me nuts. Sean, Ryan and Scotty have all had close friends set us up in countless towns and Cities so other then Sean Ryan putting us up in Ottawa I have brought nothing to the table.

Fast forward to today. I received an early morning text from guess who? Kris Carver.. If you know Kris, he is the quietist, yet wittiest person I know and I can’t go a minute with him without laughing hysterically. However, when I received a text from him this morning that he had us setup in P.E.I, I was a little skeptical. To make things worse whenI told the boys of the plans they chirped me for the next 3 hours to Confederation bridge. Well I can say after being on the road for 57 days, CARVER CAME THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH. After stopping at the stunning Confederation bridge, which spans for approximately 14 kilometres, connecting New Brunswick and P.E.I, we were greeted by locals Paul Clarke (who runs a touring company called discover tours P.E.I) and Dan (who is the President of the Parkinson’s Society of P.E.I). The guys were so friendly and made us instantly feel like honorary “Islanders” (Islanders is what residents of P.E.I refer to themselves as). After dragging Neville away from Canada’s best ice cream at “Cows” we headed to Cornwall, a small community just outside of the Provincial capital of Charlottetown.

So far on our trip we have been escorted twice by a vehicle and by no means was it by choice. First time, myself and Neville were escorted away from a Church in Cobden, Ontario by two Police officers. Second was much more hilarious when a Police officer had to reverse with his lights and sirens going to escort us off of the ‘no biking’ Alexander bridge in Quebec City. Well today we felt like celebrities! Paul Clarke our new best friend drove slowly behind us with his hazards on for the 40 kilometres from the bridge into the City. Every time there was a site to see Paul would drive quickly in front of us and guide us to the exit we were to take. Within 20 minutes of being on the island, Paul had ordered us authentic fish and chips in Victoria Bay and setup a tour of the famous sand candles. At one point on our ride he was literally blocking traffic for us at intersections to make sure we got to Dan’s place safely! I was beaming with a huge smile on my face the whole time we were biking and the only thing I heard for the next few hours was Scotty yelling “Ca Ca Ca Ca Carverrrrrrrrr!!!!”… Carver honestly thanks for setting us up, Paul is truly a legend!

We arrived at Dan’s place at about 5 pm to a trailer and a massive tent set up for us to stay in. The tent could actually fit 5 of our little tents in it! Dan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 2 years ago at the age of 43, so it was really interesting talking to him about the disease and hearing different insights etc… What made the stay even cooler was the fact that he had biked across Canada 2 years ago and he could empathize with exactly what we were going through! To make things even better Dan had steak, veggies and fruit waiting as well. What a hero! We couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing night in Charlottetown and we truly thank you Dan.

I didn’t think it was possible, but the Islanders might actually beat out the New Brunswickians as the friendliest, most accommodating people on the trip! I think it might just be the Maritime way!. Paul arrived later on the night and gave us a tour of the downtown core, including the Lieutinent Govenors’s house, Victoria Park, Federation buildings, Yacht club and many other spots. Such a cool City to visit. We even ran into Lorie Kane’s parents (Lorie being a professional golfer from P.E.I) on the street and had a conversation with them. You can really see Scotty’s personality shining in this City! He talks to everyone he sees and is starting to say ‘youuss guysss’. It is very annoying but I am happy he is embracing the Province!. We capped the night off by watching some live music at Hunter’s Pub and are excited for our rest day tomorrow! Rusty out.

9/23/2012 01:43:57 pm

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After dragging Neville away from Canada’s best ice cream at “Cows” we headed to Cornwall, a small community just outside of the Provincial capital of Charlottetown.

9/18/2013 06:38:07 pm

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