Sean Neville woke up later then usual to a beautiful morning and had less kilometers to travel then our previous days.  My kind of morning! It was at an overpriced campsite but hey, I felt good! On my way to the showers I ran into James, who is the caretaker of the campsite, he hooked us up with firewood the night before. As we slowly walked together making small talk, I turned to the washrooms and randomly saw this old city bus parked in behind some bushes with the front end poking out. I began to laugh immediately, and James instantly responded “oh do you like my place?” And being the hippy of the family (getting most of these traits from my dad) I responded, “of course I like it”! James was nice enough to give me a tour of his lovely homestead. It was decked out as a hippie Woodstock party bus in my eyes. Red and Blue strips down the sides but the best part was the inside. This guy had a built in 1970’s record player with over 500 records, retro bench seats, an Austin Power’s round bed, and bright colors everywhere… For lack of a better phrase, this bus was off the hook! I could see our dad Hughy Mack in the mid 70s cruising down Granville Street; window down while pumping James Taylor with his luscious locks flowing in the wind.  I offered three peanut butter sandwiches, a Biking for Baha T shirt and all the change in my pocket which amounted to $8.76. He obviously turned down my petty attempt to purchase his Bus!

            We hit the road at ten with which seemed to be fifty kilometer an hour head winds, my high sprits soon dropped as I have been having problems with my right knee. We pushed on for about forty kilometers to a coffee shop where we soon found out that ninety percent of the time the wind blows east not west, just our luck to be taking the wind head on. Speaking of the weather, ever since we left Vancouver Rusty has been wearing the same blue “Sherpa brand” rain jacket. It is honestly killing me… What makes things worse is he is now referring to himself as the “Sherpa” and literally thinks he can lead us through any geographical landscape in our way. It honestly felt like 30 degrees out yesterday, yet he was still wearing that freaking jacket! If he refers to himself one more time as a Sherpa I’m going to load him up with all 80 pounds of my gear and see if he’s cut out to be a real Sherpa!

            Speaking of Sherpa’s we finally saw the wall that is the Rocky Mountains. Ryan literally thought it might be the Himalayas.  We came around a bend and saw a massive mountain literally breaking through the ozone layer.  However, it was actually a footstool for the real mountain shaking hands with the moon.  What was more ridiculous was looking back to Scotty who was just coming around the bend getting repeatedly pounded by 60 km/hr head winds to his face.  It looked like a sea lion trying to swim in the desert.  His head tilted forward finally seeing the tiny mountain prior to Moon Mountain.

            My body was killing me while we arrived in Cranbrook. All I could think about was a hot tub, sauna and pool that we had planned for the past 3 hours. The swimming pool was conveniently right beside our campsite. We set up our tents as quickly and efficiently as possible as we all were thinking food and sauna. Just outside the door of the pool Ryan saw Safeway and thought quick sandwiches and sauna right after. Safeway sandwiches were devoured in 5 minutes and were so full and satisfied, heading back over to the pool to find out it was closed. Now I’m on my back with a bag of ice on my knee writing this. Is this real life?

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