Day 1- Ryan here throwing down the first blog post of the trip.
Today was hilarious, full of emotional ups and downs, random run-ins, basketball bets, almost bails and foreshadowing for the future. Last night we had an unbelievable BBQ with almost all of the Munro Clan, friends and our Uncle Rob came to chow down on some classy Uncle Mike cuisine.  This morning, in typical MacKinnon fashion we scrambled to get ready.  A pre-planned departure of 11:30 Am, ended up being a 1:00PM crawl through East Van and Burnaby.  Our family was unbelievable as the Smiths, Kathie Mack, Kathryn and David, Abbie and Lucas and Maya sent us off from the Munro's old house on Osler Street.  Just prior to take off Sean dropped his bike and completely snapped off his left mirror off of his bike.  Sean, often known for his casual and easy-going personality dropped a swear word starting in F and ending in K.  Because of Sean, we are probably never allowed back to Osler Street.  We crawled through the busy streets of Van with Sean violating every road rule cutting through traffic and navigating with his I-Phone to get us moving.  Scotty had planned to go a completely other route but Sean vetoed that and we went on every random back alley street into Burnaby.

The best part about it all was that we randomly came across the Michael J Fox Theatre as we were weaving in and out during Sean's random navigating.  If you take a look at pictures below you can see we got bored real fast.  Decided to do every type of picture, jump shots, shirts off shots and flexing shots.  We eventually ended in just our spandex being confronted by the manager of the MJFOX theatre.  He eventually realized as we scrambled to throw on our TEAM FOX shirts that we weren't some random Burnaby hoodlums causing a raucous. 

We pushed on through Pitt Meadows and eventually into the outskirts of Mission where Sean raced to a first place finish and the first yellow jersey for the trip.  We arrived around 70 km later at the Rainbow Trout Valley Lake-Pond something rather campsite around 6.  Conveniently we found a basketball court, played a few games and had Ross nearly in tears with cuts and bruises by the end of it.

Overall,  Day 1 was a breeze.  We had fresh legs, good prepared meals and it was our first full day together.  Lets just say it is going to be a long sixty days. Rusty jokes are slowly getting old, Scotty's body is being held together by the six different types of spandex he has and Sean is already missing the comfy confines of trendy Main Street. I'm excited to see what happens in the next few days as our tempers flare.  Anyways, sad news to end the trip we didn't end up seeing Carly Rae Jepsen the big singing sensation from Mission today.  Heartbreaking but I still believe I have a chance with her.  We will update soon...... To Hope tomorrow.  Ryan!
5/19/2012 05:50:43 pm

Looking good fellas. Love the jump shots - pinoy style!
I predict Ross to take the yellow - Scotty's knees won't hold up.
Don't let him cheat in dice fellas - just chirp at him all game and get in his head! He can't handle it
59 days more to go!!

Missing shoelace (STILL)
5/20/2012 12:47:44 am

The single most impressive thing after reading this first day is admiring how genuine and fun-loving the OTHER Mackinnon brothers are. They seem like such warm and amusing guys, they would all make perfect roommates. If only any of them had been at U of L, instead of Scotty. THe Turner boys would have such a better impression of island dwellers if that had been the case.
Don't listen to any of Scotty's ridiculous ideas, like AT$$ said "get in his head" cause he'll crumble, and keep on riding safe.
Scotty-I hope your body holds out and that you aren't the first to crumble after missing all the comforts of home. Love ya bud

Cousins in law
5/21/2012 01:36:01 pm

Heh guys,
We're all keeping an eye out on your trip!
Love the blog...great idea.
Keep pedaling,
Margaret, Max, Alex and Ben. Go, boys, go!

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