Over the past three days, the Quebec border has been mocking us as it technically splits the Ottawa River.  As we have been biking and paralleling the river it has suddenly become very tense on our bike rides.  I have been challenging Scott to a swim race, bridge race and threatening that I will take off at any point.  Sean Neville and Rosco have taken a back seat to our badgering.  However, today Scott and I got checked today.  Prior to reaching Ottawa, I set the groundwork for a guaranteed “Sprint-off” for the border on July 2nd.  Knowing that Scotty has absolutely zero chance at beating me in a race.  He would literally have to smash me off the bridge to even make it close at all.  Today, all of my scheming and Scotty’s scheming came to a massive crashing end.  I will briefly outline what happened today:

I outline a pact between Rusty, Scotty and myself.

“The sprint-off will occur on the day that we exit Ontario crossing into Quebec and spend our first night in the French province.” – Following this we all shook hands promising not to break this.

-After we reached Ottawa, we decided to go to the Highlander Pub for a few celebratory beers.  In doing so, we met up with Sean Ryan Aylward (Rustys good buddy from Comox). Scotty and Russ scheming for the next few days suddenly realized that his apartment resided in Hull, Quebec literally a 3 minute bike ride from Parliament hill.

-Scotty and Ross scrambled to make a plan.  On how to win the province as they would not be breaking any rules in doing so.

-Following the beers we biked on to Sean Ryan’s house, Neville and I oblivious to the fact his house was in Quebec pedaled on.  This is when it all hit the fan.  Scott began to fake as if the two beers he had got him a little “tipsy”.  We pedaled throughout the streets as Scotty slowly faded to the back of the group.

-As we pedaled on confused to where his house was, Scotty sneaked off and took off down the road towards the Alexandria bridge(Which crosses into Quebec).  After noticing this nearly 10 minutes later I scrambled through traffic pedaling as fast as I could.  Weaving between cars, picking my bike up and carrying it through alleys and over fences.  Eventually after reaching the bridge I saw Scotty in the distance, not on the huge biking lane, but taking up the entire bridge with about 50 cars behind him honking.

-At the same time Ross and Sean Neville were pushing past to the King Edward Bridge about 7 or 8 blocks down.  If we had a GPS tracking on all of us it would have been hilarious to watch.  Everyone was vying for the “Quebec” jersey.

-As I reached Scotty across the bridge, he looked exhausted but however elated and bursting with joy.  For the next 15 minutes I heard him right in my ear going off about how he was better than me at every aspect in life.

*****Nearly 20 minutes later: Sean Neville and Rusty showed up both rattled and disappointed of their loss.  However, this wasn’t true.  Scotty and I took the Alexandria bridge, Rusty and Neville took the King Edward Bridge.  Only one had a “Welcome to Quebec” sign.  Neville was the first to cross that sign.  After around 25 minutes of disputes, calling the Toronto “Biking for BAHA Officials offices” for confirmation and thoroughly reading the official rulebook of our trip.  The offices came to conclusion that Sean Neville’s mullet crossed the border after flipping his hair before Scott reached it.  They were however caught up on the video of Scott reaching the border because they couldn’t find his torso on the replay.   Sean Neville took the Quebec jersey due to Rule #99a), footnote C in the article.

**It states that: The provincial jersey can only be won when the rider passes and sees the “Welcome to” sign of the specific province.

**Demoralized I saw Scotty lose probably 5 years of his life.


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