We had to send out a bunch of individual Thank You's to everyone in Lethbridge for everything you guys did for us. We were extremely taken back and appreciative of your generosity.We are sorry if we missed anyone.

Dr. Jon Doan: Your work is fantastic and you are a special ambassador for Parkinson's research, we will never forget everything you did for us. 

Eoin and Grindle: Thanks for all of the media coverage, hook ups with Hops and Pizza, making fun of Scotty which we loved and just sorting out everything in the Bridge. Absolute legends these two.

Jessica Mclean and Justin Giles: Thanks for riding into town with us, hooking us up with the delicious Coco Pazzo's pasta and just spending time with the boys. Was a blast.

Sandy Slavin: Thank you a ton for the cookies. I am sorry to report we each got one before Russ devoured them. He said they tasted like little bits of heaven.

Kelly Jo and the Craddocks: Thank you for your friendship, for the effort in cycling out to meet us and for hosting that awesome BBQ at your house. Ryan had to carry the 85 pounds of meat you sent us away with the next day. He was convinced the cows were looking him up and down.

Lethbridge Lodge: Thank you for the free 2 nights. We have never stayed in a place so nice. A little out of the Mackinnons league.

JPT: Our favorite Turner, you are welcome in Comox anytime you like just make sure not to bring your sandals or Hughie might swipe them.

Dave Adams: The jersey made Scotty's trip (Scotty has never been so proud to be a part of Horns Nation), the water bottles saved us from dehydration and Russ is now convinced he has an addiction to the protein/energy powder you gave him. He cannot function without it. 

Trevor Kenney: Scotty loved your conversation! Said it meant a lot to him!

JP Sutherland: ONE WORD: INSPIRING- Keep in touch and thank you so much for the Bandana's! Been wearing them everyday.

The Pronghorns: My old teammates! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can never break the bond. Matty. Whitey, Bruce, Steeder again it meant the world to me. My new vow is to stay in better touch. Julian Spearchief Morris, Ryan was touched that you came. Rip it up next year. 

Perry Mirkovich: The Living Lethbridge Legend, Thank you for meeting us on the highway. I am really sorry we did not get more of a chance to talk. Even the five minutes I spent with you had me believing I could achieve anything. Most positive  man alive! 

6/10/2012 04:31:32 pm

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